Danger Sense

Danger Sense
Sense Difficulty
spaceM (15) or Control – Aware of danger but no details
spaceD (20) or Control +5 – As above, and general direction of danger
spaceVD (25) or Control +10 – As above, and type of danger (i.e. blaster,grenade)
spaceH (30) or Control +15 – As above, and the range of the danger
spaceH +5 (35) or Control +20 – As above, and all details of the danger

Required PowersLife Detection
Power may be kept ‘up’

Effect – – Danger Sense allows a Force-user to extend his senses around himself like protective sensors, creating an early warning system for as long as the power is in effect.
When the power is used, the Force-user detects any attacks at the end of the round before they are made. This gives a Force-user certain information to react to the danger on the following round.
In game terms, if any character is going to attack a Force-user on the next round, they must declare their action the round before it happens. Attacking characters with Force skills may roll their Control skill to increase the difficulty of using this power. Depending on how well the Force-user rolls to activate this power determines the amount of information of the impending attack. If the Force-user wins initiative on the round the action is to happen in, they can then perform one action prior to the intended attack (the Force-user can react with knowledge obtained depending on their skill roll).

Located – Tales of the Jedi Companion Sourcebook p. 48 and modifications by SF7 Council

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