Darrik De Louth

Character: Darrik De'Louth
Connection to others:

Eldest Son of a Deceased Corellian Noble House
Son of the Cryoshock Brotherhood

Species: Human Male
Homeworld: Corellia
Age: 22
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 lbs
Objective in Life:
To know what happened to his family
To defend others, at any cost


"Let me list all the things that could possibly go wrong with that…"
"Look, Jazz Hands."
"You rely on the Force, yet you do not truly trust it…let me show you a better path."

Physical Description:

Rather plain apperance, although recent events have cursed him with several scars (not all of them easily visibly). Black hair, scorched down the center from where a blaster just barely missed his skull, sits in a short spike. Darriks eyes are blue, but like the rest of him, give little away as to what he is really thinking.

Most of Darrik's clothes tend to be cut in a Corellian fashion. When he first joined the alliance, he prefered a more upscale and expensive look, but recent events have caused him to change his look to more simple garb. He is usually found wearing a 3/4 coat, lightly armored, a simple white shirt, and grey pants. On one arm is a metallic bracer - which is really a droid named S4-13LA.


Born to a minor noble family on Corellia, Darrik's early life was the life of luxury. Being that his house was a minor, but wealthy house, he had to do little and learn little. Darrik's parents were always busy somehow, generally doing council work for one House or another. As Darrik grew older, his parents began to teach him more of how to be a proper Corellian, but Darrik would have none of it. He liked things fast, and thats how he fell in love with Speeder Racing.

Darrik's playtime, however, would be cut short. Soon after his 16 birthday a man came to his parents requesting asylum. Suspicious of the mans motives, Darrik was sent away to live with his uncle in the mountains of Corellia before he could find out more. His sister, on the other hand, was sent to Alderaan to live with their distant relatives, the Organas. Abandoned, with a man he hardly knew, Darrik grew bitter. 6 months later his parents were arrested for conspiracy to overthrow the government, harboring rogue jedi and assasination of a public official. They were subsequently tried and executed. Sensing his anguish, Darrik's uncle intensified the young mans lessons. He sensed great passion within the young man, that if properly harnessed could be put to great use.

Darrik's passion quickly turned to resentment when he found his uncle's lightsaber buried within a secret room in the basement of the house. Furious, as he blamed the jedi for the death of his parents, he brought the item to his uncle. The last words his uncle uttered to him, still haunt him till this day.

Furious with his uncle, the government, and his now dead parents, Darrik took his uncles speeder and hopped the first transport off Corellia. He ended up in Nar Shadaa where his skills as a diplomat and racer quickley brought him to the head of a small speeder gang in the lower city. Always looking for a way to advance himself, Darrik came upon a bounty placed by the local hutt for rogue jedi. He had heard rumors of a jedi living in one of the broken down buildings of the lower city. Seeing his chance at fame, he took his speeder gang and confronted the 'jedi.' When he found the jedi, the young man could not have been much older than Darrik. Shocked and horrified, he knew this boy was no jedi, but his gang didn't care. They tasted the chance at glory and credits, and attacked. The young man drew his lightsaber (a simple piece of metal with a stick attached to it) and defended himself. In the end, the young man was beaten down and brought before the hutt. But the boy was no jedi, only a fool who followed the ideals of a dead religion. Darrik had to watch, helpless as the boy was turned over to the empire and executed. No credits were given, no glory earned.

Unable to come to terms with his actions, Darrik left Nar Shadaa. His uncles words and the boys eyes haunted him every time he closed his eyes. He knew he had to find a way to forget, a way to absolve himself.

Now things have come full circle, he has joined the very thing that caused his parents death. But, there had to be something there…his parents were good people, foolish, but good. And maybe, just maybe, he could find absolution.


Darrik is a sarcastic individual with serious trust issues. He never takes anything at face value, and believes any individual can and will lie to further their own agendas. He believes that nothing is ever free, and even those you call friends will one day betray you.

Despite these facts, Darrik is the kind of person who would throw himself in front of an AT-AT if it could save even one person. He places little value on his own life and therefore considers all life greater than his own.

Recently things have begun to change. He has found strength in something he once detested, and found honor in something he once hated. He has found good people, that swear oaths and seem true, but still he wrestles with his own doubts and fears. Darrik's encounter with the mysterious Cryoshock Brotherhood rocked him to the core and made him question his own values. Even now he wonders…could he truly be part of something greater?


[[Silo Bluestar]]
Darrik knew very little of Silo when he died, but something about the man changed Darrik forever. Silo is the first and only jedi Darrik believed was worth a damn. His death was truly the end of that order in Darrik's mind.

T'Thock's death put a permanent scar on an already damaged invidual. The Barabel was one of the few people Darrik truly trusted. His death reinforced Darrik's firmly held belief that the only individual you can rely on is yourself.

Darrik is not quite sure how to interpret this particular woman. On the one hand, she seems committed to the Jedi path. On the other, she seems extremely confused about her purpose in life.

Taylor Castel
General Castel is the last person Darrik ever thought he would call friend. But somehow he connects with her on a level he does not quiet understand himself.

A dangerous individual in her own right, Reon Vo reminds Darrik of his little sister who, until recently, he believed dead in the destruction of Alderaan.

Mathias Cordones
Darrik has a strong respect for the crafty individual known as Mathias. However, Mathias is strongly indicative of exactly what Darrik left long ago.

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