Daryn Startrotter (AKA Gnar Voltan)

Rank: Brig General
Race : Human
Home World : Ord Mandell
Age: 27 Gender: Male
Height 5'11 Weight 200
Hair Light Blonde
Status : Currently Available to all female suitors.

Ships owned or part owner
The cloaked blade (Destroyed)
Trusty Scabbard (part Owner)

Current Quote : The rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated

Background Declassifed
Daryn was a young Jedi that joined the rebellion from a young age, since he had seen what had tainted the Empire. This was due to when his grandfather was shot dead in cold blood by troopers, once they found out he was a Jedi Knight from a time before the clone wars. His grandfather taught him a bit about how to walk the path of a battlemaster.

He will always be one to be at the front of the line to help confront the evil Empire. He will always help protect his friends that are behind him so that they have the time to due the real important skills to help the Rebellion. He knows his skills are important due to a Jedi in a Rebellion cell will greatly increase the chances of that cell being able to complete missions due to their ablility to protect and draw fire to them in time of high stress.

He has been on a great number of missions that have had great sucess some that have not. He has seen a great number of friends do things that he could only imagine. I.e. Fen bel Iblis - giving a rancor a super upper cut right to the jaw and the rancor still not going down.

Known rebel friends
Fen bel Iblis - Known Best Friend (yes people dont believe this but that is the truth)
Chimera - possible girlfriend
The Jawa - Name classified
ADR ( he hates to admit it sometimes )
Crash & Burn
Taylor Castel
Harold Ascot
and many others

He has many plans in motion on file with Rebel High Command for the Cucible Sector.

High Command Known Alias
Gnar Voltan

Daryn went into hiding from the force hunters due to the greater activities from the Force users in the Rebel Alliance. He went through six attacks from the Force Hunters that brought him to think to go into hiding. He then faked his own death on his homeworld to throw the Empire off his trail. He has been near by all of us under the assumed name of Gnar Voltan. He stated the only other Rebel he notified was Fen; afterwards, due to the effect of his death had taken on him. Others found out who he was due to things that happened on missions like: Daryn igniting his personal copper-bladed lightsaber to protect ADR to give him time to activate his force powers to bring down Darth Gore.

He is currently courting towards chimera due to there greater affinity towards the force and there seeming unwilling ability to get into trouble when together.

Classified High Command

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