Data Log 001 Return To Alderaan

Omega's log
Entry 1

It was the first time I had returned to Alderaan since the battle. I remember how blue it was and how beautiful it was. It was a place that you could sit down and feel like you were at peace with the galaxy. To come back to see nothing but an asteroid field simply tore me apart inside. But nothing hurt more then what the force showed me. It didn't just make me hear the dying screams of Alderaan as billions of lives were snuffed out all at once. No, it made me feel the death of two! Both at the hands of the Empire. I had never felt a more agonizing pain then what the force had shown me right then and there. Fen was quite understanding of it all and that friendly voice was much appreciated after an experience like that but it is certainly something that I'll never forget.

To sum it all up I got:
2 T-shirts
a Pint glass
a 6 pack of beer
a set of storm trooper armor
and favor form a princess.

Over all not a bad day, however… I must never forget the bad day that those people had. I will never forget…

Entry 2

Its only been a couple weeks since returning to Alderaan and having that horrific vision. It's scary… I keep seeing the battle and the people that I helped save. To think they're gone… they're just gone. When I first heard those screams in that vision I was horrified. I had scrapped droids and I killed confederate figure heads with no real remorse. They were the enemy, directly opposing us and sending legions of droids to kill us. After looking at video feed of what it was, reading reports from refugees, and watching the destruction from hacked imperial files… it's… horrifying doesn't begin to describe it. Awe striking… jaw dropping… eye opening. After seeing this, I've gained a new fire that burns with in me. A new war to fight and a way to regain my honor. The Empire will pay for what they did here and I will not be kind. Force or not, I'm still a soldier and I was born to fight. I've broken so many boundaries by just being here. These young punks are good, very good and I'll give them that. However, none of them have seen the horrors of a real battle field. A special ops operative may kill a man or two, the typical operative might kill a stormie from the shadows but almost none of them have faced a battle head on. I'll show those Imps what I'm made of and what it means to piss off a clone trooper…. I still hear his cheers… Sketch was such a good pilot…

I hope the dreams stop……. I want them to stop…..

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