Data Log 003 An Update

Is this thing on? R2!! Is this thing on right? Oh quit laughing! Right. So I know its been a while since I last posted a data log so I think its about time I did. There seems to be a lot of mixed feelings about my presence in the Rebellion. Many other operatives are still skeptical about me despite my rank however, the majority seems to be okay with me. I'm glad that I've managed to settle in without to much trouble. I still fear for my life around the Zzing-nut family. I've heard from my friend Ivan that Jynx had contracted the same disease that he had only she has had it for far longer then him. I've seen what it does to Ivan. He hasn't been himself and it worries me. But if Jynx, the most explosive person in the Rebellion, the woman who puts mines behind her bedroom door, the person who makes clay animals out of plastic explosives, the lady who plays catch with grenades, has this disease, I think it would be wise if I avoided getting assigned to her. She may outrank me but Admiral Garner outranks all of us. I personally think that she might be a danger to the Rebellion more so then a danger to the Empire. Then there are the rumors about Chi-Chi's explosive temper. He's seen a lot more action then I have (at least in this war) and I've seen him when he gets angry. Knowing how much sway Jynx has with him, I should probably stay away from him as well. Then there's Sal, their beloved daughter and the captain of the Mine-Not-Yours. She is a kind girl, a pleasure to talk to, and she has the potential to be a great commander. I personally think that her greatest quality is her love for life. However… it is also her worst. Sometimes things have to die. The greatest Jedi have even learned that death has to happen for life to go on…. And I realize how bad that sounds coming from me but its true. She has the purest heart I have ever seen, however this purity is also going to result in the hardest lesson she will ever learn. She needs to learn that death is necessary if people are to learn and accomplish. Because if death never comes then there is no motivation to get things done now. And… perhaps she understands that. I think her hang up is on killing. Once again, I can understand that. I've made sure to uphold the Rebel protocol of always having your weapon on stun. However, there are times when a foe must die to protect innocence or in a more historical case, when one must die for a greater good. I wouldn't put such a noble sacrifice past her but I would put her ability to allow another such a sacrifice very far past her. I have intervened in such situations in the past, however for the safety of my life, I think it would be wise if I stayed away from the Zzing-nut clan all together.

In other news I recently purchased a new ship! A behemoth of a ship known as a GR-75 class Medium Transport. 19,000 ton cargo capacity and the speed of a slug. It need a lot of work but I think that it can some day become the latest frigate in in the crucible fleet and finally a way for me to be talked about. I'll add a briefing room, lots of guns, a fast hyperdrive, an amazing Ion engine, fun gizmos and gadgets. I'll load it up with all of my military equipment and a whole bunch of fun stuff! Ivan is wanting to build a ground base for himself. Since my sights are set on a more mobile HQ he can concentration on the ground base. Some people find worth at the Pazaak den, I find it in war machines.

Well I suppose that's enough for now. Omega out.

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