Data Log 004 Take That Omega

This is a transmission created by Omega's R2 unit designated R2-O1 whom has had a few problems with his references to "Clankers" and "Tinies". All enlisted Rebel operatives will receive this.

Recording 1:

Omega will be seen hauling large boxes in a very large cargo bay, creating a tall and wide wall at on end. He then moves to off camera and comes back to the scene with another box, on which is resting his Z-6 rotary gun. He then moves to the far wall that he created and draws a very bulls eye. He then returns to the Z-6 Rotary gun and starts blowing off rounds just for fun using a small generator for power. Then R2-O2, Omega's second R2 unit, bumps him in the back of the leg causing him to jerk the large gun up and shoot the inside of the bay. He then jerks around and proceeds to yell at the droid shouting about "Look what you made me do!" and "Now I gotta clean all that up!"
The recording crackles and then resumes with Omega returning to the scene wearing an apron, and yellow rubber gloves over his armor and carrying a bucket of cleaner and proceeds to clean the floor and walls.

Recording 2:

Omega will be seen lining up his 2 B2 battle droids. He will then proceed to start barking orders and insults at the in active droids.
"You sodding clankers! you're no good for anything are you? No! You're not! You're nothing but a metal wall that is easily toppled!" He shouts pushing one droid over.
"You're nothing but a useless pile of junk! You couldn't hit me if you wanted to!" He shouts as he climbs on top of the torso, shouting in it's face.
"Oh look at me! I'm to fast for you! You can't see me! Oh where am I? Huh? BAM! There I am!" He shouts making a bunch of sneaky movements then popping up in front of its face.

Recording 3:

The recording will open with Omega tinkering on the very bulky and out of date hyperdrive of the Redemption with R2-O2. After a short while R2-O2 will set off something in they hyper drive and it will puff out a large black cloud of smoke. As the smoke clears the viewer, as well as Omega, will notice that his helmet is backwards. Omega will stand still for a moment before standing slowly and turning his helmet back around. He then looks at his droid and raises a finger.
"You're despicable!" He says before walking out.
The droid watches and then lets out a set of happy and accomplished beeps as the LE-repair droid begins putting things back.

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