Data Log 005 What Is The Rebellion

I miss being called Commander. These people obviously don't have any respect for past experience. But on another note. There's something that really has me confused. I was led to believe that the Rebel Alliance was a military organization to restore the Republic. However the Alliance is more like a band of mercs with a shaky chain of command at best! I mean you have insubordination running rampant no one pays any respect to the Jedi, in fact many people mock them, and I've had my life threatened by other operatives! I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't bring this up with command or simply bite the slug and deal with this feirfaken Rebellion. I mean I'm beginning to have trouble trusting some of the daikuts that they have in those cushy offices on the command deck. We recently recruited a group of defecting clones who were fleeing the empire. Given our history, the crew demands of my ship, and the fact that they're no doubt as confused as I am about this "military organization". I feel its my responsibility as the oldest clone in the rebellion as well as in existence that I should be rallying these clones. But for some reason Rebel command wants to keep us separate! Its almost insulting!! I understand that a lot of people are still sore after order 66 however it takes a certain sense of morality to defy the empire and defect to the Rebellion! I wonder how many others made it out? That and if I could convince the Rebellion to let my brothers come together, I could have quite the task force! Not only that, I'm sure that if I walk into the Tyre base with a squad of clones behind me then the clones there would join me to! I could be surrounded by my brothers again with me to lead them… I feel so empty. I bought this huge ship to make a frigate but… I have no real crew. No one to give orders to. I'm a Major in this Rebellion, I should have at the very least a dozen troops under my command. That leads me to another question! What are we classified as? What am I classified as? Special Ops? Infantry? That creepy clone in the corner that no one trusts? I walked away from order 66 Garner! I walked away! Truly, to me, this is pathetic. I feel that this "military organization" Is a joke. At least call it by what it really is! This a band of mercs with a rich leader! Until I start seeing some enforcement of rank…. *Sighs deeply* I just have to calm down… its not like I'll ever have a band of brothers again. I'll never have my old command the way it used to be. I need to contact someone… someone I can trust but…. I suppose Brian is the only guy anyone seems to respect. But we have privates giving us briefings and insisting that they're mandatory like they have power over an officer! What does rank really mean in this "military organization!"? Eh, I'm just ranting… I gonna go have a talk with Garner.

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