Death Stick

Equipment / Medical / Drugs

Model: Ixetal Cilona Extract Drug (fluid or solid)
Type: Narcotic
Availability: 3, X
Game Notes:

Users experience a temporary explosion of bliss. Anyone who samples a death stick must make a Difficult willpower skill check. If failed, the character suffers a -1D penalty to both his Dexterity and Knowledge attributes. After 1-2 hours, the effects wear off, and the character must attempt a Very Difficult Strength check. Failure indicates addiction and the loss of -1 pips of Strength (which is permanent, unless treated). Anyone wishing to break their addiction can seek treatment, but this is costly. At the GM’s option, lost points of Strength can be recovered by using the (A) medicine skill (difficulty equal to 20, +1 per lost point of Strength), or the Accelerate Healing or Accelerate Another’s Healing Force powers.

Source: Coruscant and the Core Worlds (page 18)


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