Dee'Laan Gad'Wa-Heega AKA Stinky - A Jawa

Member of Crucible Sector Rebel Alliance: Current rank: Lt. General
Native of: Tatooine
Eyes: Yellow
Height: listed as 3'6" but this includes the soles of its boots and the peak of the hood. Real height: .95 meters
Weight: 20 Kilos
Sex: Female
Given Name: Dee'laan Gad'wa-heega
Birth Year: 28 BBY

Basic description: Originally Stinky wore the typical dark brown rough cloth robe with hood that most Jawas wear. Over the robe, there is a brown leather waist belt with pouches and holsters for its Ion gun and/or a blaster. Bandoliers with multiple pouches criss cross over the torso. There is a sheath on the back of one of the bandoliers which can hold something tubular in shape. Hanging somewhere off the belt or bandoliers is an ever present "pine" tree air freshener.

Since being captured on Barab 1, Dee has taken to wearing BDUs and a balaclava. The "pine" air freshener is under her shirt. She has also taken to wearing a body glove to help disguise the natural odor given off by Jawas. This is partly due to her attempt to disguise herself and what species she is since getting additional Imperial bounties. Dee also has adapted a rebreather to include a translation unit which translates Jawa Trade language into Basic.

Weapons: Jawa Ion gun, Blaster (modified by Harold Ascot) & one unique weapon crafted by Dee'laan (bronzish yellow).

Ships owned: Utapau P38 Starfighter (Clone War era) - "The Restraining Bolt" (destroyed)
Manta Assault Starfighter
Ship co-owned: Luxury Starship - "The Trusty Scabbard"
YT-2400 Light Freighter - "Sun Spot"

Knicknames: Jart, Raisin, Stinky, Dee, DD, Deej, DG, Jipod

Droids owned: 4 MSE-6 "mouse" droids: Skills: Capital Ship repair (1), Blaster repair(1), Battlestation maintenance (2)
R2 unit
P1 unit
Destroyer Droids (1 in need of repair)
Pit Droid

Orange squadron member (on occasion): On the last mission with Orange Squadron, Stinky was assigned as wingman to Orange leader, ADR

Skills Dee'laan is pretty good at:
*Just about everything in a cockpit and now even communications (Fred Slick has hired me on more than one occasion to fly his ship);
*Building a better grenade (Just ask Uneeq. And thanks for pulling me out of the building.);
*Upgrading and building droids (It's in my blood.);
*Swimming (believe it or not, have even taught her big brother Fen bel Iblis to swim);
*There are some other skills I'm fairly talented in, but I'm not going to brag.

Life changing events:
*Various encounters with light side Force users and Jedi;
*During the space portion of the Battle of Shiva, being eyewitness to Master Sillo Bluestar's passing into the Force while battling a Force hunter;
*Being taken into custody on Barab 1 when a group of children pointed and shouted, "Jedi Jawa" at the same time as a group of Imperial troopers in full Rad gear passed by;
*The realization that M'rath had not died at Shiva and that no one thought to go looking for over a year. Has vowed this will never be allowed to happen again;
*Revelations made on a personal trip back to Tatooine & news of her parents death along with all the other occupants of her original clan's sandcrawler just before the Battle of Yavin and Shiva.
*Dying and coming back to life through the grace of the Force.

~20,000 credit Imperial Bounty: wanted alive for questioning for possession of a Lightsaber (this may now have been raised to 30,000; that is how it was listed on Ord Mantell). This bounty has now been wiped from the records.
~5,000 credit Imperial Bounty (Bespin): wanted for suspicion of being a member of the Rebel Alliance (This bounty is active) (name on bounty is Dee)(species: Jawa)
~20,000 credit Imperial Bounty: wanted for being a member of the Rebel Alliance, destruction of property, use of an unauthorized weapon (This bounty is active) (name on bounty is an alias)(species: Jawa)
~30,000 credit Imperial Bounty: known officer in the Rebel Alliance (This bounty is active) (name on bounty: Gen. Dee'laan Gad'wa-heega)(species: Jawa)
~5,000 credit Imperial Bounty: wanted for suspicion of being a member of the Rebel Alliance (This bounty is active) (name on bounty: ?) (species: Jawa)
~5,000 credit bounty from a Crime Lord (name on bounty: Dee'laan Gad'wa-heega)(species: Jawa)
~10,000 credit Imperial bounty: body scan recorded during a theft on Dantooine (This bounty is active)(species: Jawa)
~10,000 credit Imperial bounty: wanted for suspicion of being a member of the Rebel Alliance (This bounty is active)(name on bounty: Rubac'a Keeza)

Wanted by:
Hunted by:
Inquisitor Probus Andron Demitrie

Dee'laan's Closest Friends:
Fen Bel Iblis*!

Dee's Associates:
Daryn Startrotter*
Lyta Miris*
Pistolwhip has offered to be Dee'laan's aide de camp
Bear Riggs

Rebels Dee'laan truly respects:
Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh*
Harold Ascott*

Deceased Friends:
Jedi Master Sillo Bluestar
Wolfman Steve
Targo Helix

Family: None; Parents are deceased and she has been away from Tatooine so long that her siblings (and the few other surviving members of the clan) no longer recognize Dee'laan as a member of the clan.

Surrogate Family: Dee'laan is considered by Fen bel Iblis to be his little sister and Dee considers Fen to be her big brother. When formally introduced by Fen, her name is Dee'laan Gad'wa-heega nee rana bel Iblis (adoptive little sister).
Also, since the renewal of their friendship, Dee'laan views Chimara as a sister.

Dee'laan's Jawa Family Tree

A Jawa's Diary This is the first diary written by Dee'laan. Started just after she was broken out of Imperial custody on Barab 1 (1ABY), she has chosen to close this diary, along with this portion of her life after her 2 month stay on Tatooine. Written in a ancient form of written Jawa.

Meditation ritual

Private moments

Private Diary 2 This is the second diary written by Dee'laan. She started this as a reflection of this new phase of her life. Written in a ancient form of written Jawa. This diary is now finished.

Expurgium Diary Due to so many different rebels assisting, Dee'laan has started to chronical the missions and upcoming plans to share with the others as a quick way to get new assistants up to speed.

Private Diary 3 This is the third diary written by Dee'laan. It is written using an ancient form of written Jawa language.

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