Dee Laan S Jawa Family Tree

The following is the list of birth and death years for Dee'laan's immediate family back on Tatooine.

57 BBY to 0 BBY - Mother: Dee'sara M'wechuk-Heega
58 BBY to 0 BBY - Father: Ma'laan Gad'wa-waff'mla
Both died in an Imperial attack on the clan sandcrawler while on a trade circuit near the Jundland Wastes near Bestine.

41 BBY - Sister: K'sama
18 BBY - Daughter
15 BBY - Son
12 BBY - Daughter

39 BBY - Sister: Vopuba
20 BBY - Son
13 BBY - Son
4 BBY - Daughter

38 BBY - Brother: Opazum
17 BBY - Son
13 BBY - Son
7 BBY - Son
4 BBY - Son

36 BBY - Sister: Wamoomaz
16 BBY - Daughter

35 BBY - Brother: Keeza (off spring unknown)

34 BBY - Brother: Rubac (off spring unknown)

32 BBY - Sister: Shee neko (off spring unknown)

30 BBY - Sister: Kiluyak
9 BBY - Son
6 BBY - Daughter

Dee has been gone from Tatooine and her clan for so long that this list may be out of date. She got some additional details the last time she visited but that information was minimal. Her nieces and nephews may have children by now but she knows of only one birth that took place on the day she left. Not wanting to disturb the family that no longer knows or recognizes her, she did not ask for details.

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