Detoxify Poison In Another

Detoxify Poison in Another
Control Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – modified by relationship
Alter Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – alcohol, very mild poison
spaceE (10) – mild poison
spaceM (15) – average poison
spaceD (20) – virulent poison
spaceVD+ (25+) – neurotoxin
Required PowersAccelerated Healing, Accelerate Another’s Healing, Control Pain, Control Another’s Pain, Detoxify Poison
Time to use – Five minutes
Effect – This power allows a Force-user to remove or detoxify poison from a patient’s body faster than is normally possible. While using this power the Force-user must remain in physical contact with the patient. As long as the Force-user is in contact with the patient, the patient is considered to be immune to the effects of the poison. Failure to make the required Control and Alter difficulty checks or breaking physical contact during the use of the power causes the patient a wound.
Located – Tales of the Jedi Companion Sourcebook p. 56

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