Discovery Bay 7 After Giver's Day

There are at least 2 versions of this recording, one is the security recording of the bay from the Discovery which has no sound and does not include the inside of the yacht. The other is a full holorecording of the bay with full sound, but is only available to a few people (mostly those who were involved in the recorded activities). There are probably at least a couple of other recordings that are 1st person views.

Note: this is still being edited by those involved for completion and accuracy.

Towards the end of the Givers Day Celebration on the Discovery in Uneeq’s bar, an announcement came over the Discovery’s intercom system, “Will Kas’tor and ChiChi please report to Landing Bay 7. You have visitors claiming to be family.”

A good number of the people still there look up in curiosity. Kas’tor and ChiChi look up in slight confusion.
Jynx looks at ChiChi, “What is this about?”
“I don’t know.” Responds ChiChi.
Jynx, ChiChi, and Kas’tor all leave for the designated bay of the Discovery. Several others start to follow.
When they arrive at the bay, they notice a luxury yacht sitting on the other side of the bay with two female squibs waiting with two rebel security guards. Jynx strides straight across towards them while ChiChi and Kas’tor start sneaking around the bay in opposite directions.
Jynx asks the squibs who they are.
“I am Ava Rita Dugnut, fiancée of Kas’tor.” Says the one.
The other says, “And I am Dorina Trana Dugnut, fiancée of ChiChi.”
Jynx’s face twists into rage as both ChiChi and Kas’tor suddenly freeze where they are. The others following also came to a stop.
Then Jynx’s foot moved, catching the little squib named Dorina right between the legs. Dorina’s body is lifted and thrown back with a sickening crunch and then a limp landing on the ramp to the yacht. The security guards put a hand to gun in surprise while the squib named Ava starts screaming and flees back into the yacht and starts the entry ramp closing.
Taylor and Vandin rush up from behind Jynx and immediately start assessing Dorina’s medical condition… which was not good… and move her to the bay floor. Vandin immediately placed his hands on the crumpled squib form and closes his eyes, obviously concentrating.
Then Dorina arches and gasps, but remains unconscious. Taylor then takes a medpac out and applies it to Dorina before turning to the ship with Jynx.
Taylor unlocks the ship’s ramp. Jynx goes in and immediately the shouts of Ava to the pilot of the yacht can be heard to be begging the pilot to get them out of there before they are killed. The pilot tells her that he cannot leave because they are being denied clearance and the bay door is closed. Then Ava starts screaming in terror again as Jynx gets up to the cockpit.
“Please, don’t kill me!”
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Jynx asks.
The squib starts to speak very quickly, telling of her being an actress being hired to play the part of Kas’tor’s fiancée. She brings out a marriage agreement that she was told to present to Kas’tor, which Jynx takes and starts looking at.
Taylor starts demanding of the pilot how he got here, and the pilot tells her quickly that he was hired to bring the two squibs here and was given specific coordinates and protocols for getting clearance to land. He was told to wait for a day and then if they wanted to leave to take them back and if not then he would probably be called to pick them back up in a few weeks.
Jynx was getting very agitated in her discussion with Ava, and Taylor decided it was best to get Jynx off the ship quickly, so she tied Jynx to the seat she was in, then told the pilot she was taking the chair and the pilot should take the squibs back to their home and get out of here immediately once she is off the ship and both squibs are back onboard. Taylor dragged Jynx out on the chair and then carried the unconscious Dorina onboard. Shortly the ship was closing up and departing.
Then the discussion started back in the bay. Jynx, ChiChi, Kas’tor, Taylor, Vandin, Mathias, Harold, and Fred were all there.
Jynx starts demanding to know what ChiChi and Kas’tor did.
They both deny any knowledge of the new marriage agreements. Looking at the documents, it appeared to be squib agreements promising a squib type marriage between the squibs and the them.
Jynx then asks to herself if her daughters had anything to do with it… Then comms to Snarf and Sal that their presence is requested in the bay immediately.
As soon as Snarf and Sal arrive in the bay, Jynx turns to them and asks them if they have made any marriage agreements for ChiChi and uncle Kas’tor. They both emphatically deny doing anything since Jynx had forbid Snarf from marrying off Sal. Snarf and Sal are introduced to everyone present, most of which are considered family of some sort.
Upon being asked Mathias stated that he did this as a lesson to Kas’tor and ChiChi for meddling in his and Sara's personal lives during the family cruise.
Sara shows up and demands of Jynx “You have kids?!?!”
There ensues a very long discussion on the proprieties of relationships. Security stands by, keeping their distance in the bay, as the discussion gets a bit heated at times, including multiple decksweeper shots and some demonstrations of squib martial arts.
Lessons are learned about interfering in others relationships as well as in dealing with family.

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