Down Hill Spirals

Dear Diary,

It's been a hell of a couple of months.
First was the slave mission in which our team was sent into a slave mining facility to get info on some new weapon…which after deemed too effective we had to destroy. Then Choth, Darrik, and myself wind up on some rinky-dink planet where the inhabitants sit around and watch the grain grow for fun. Turns out there was some wierd kinda mind control device being tested out on a Defel, who was randomly murdering townsfolk. I had the bad luck of being targeted by the critter and now my armor has the back exposed from the claw marks. Choth waited until I woke up from unconciousness to ask if I would prefer stitches or cauterization, but thanks to Darrik I got a skin graph instead…which hurt like a bitch. I suppose I ought to be happy that I don't have scars on my back….heaven knows how upset Squibie gets when he sees the scar on my chest.
I also bought a poop slinging monkey-thing from a dealer on the planet….I wasn't really thinking that one through all the way so now I am unsure what to do with the little bugger. I named him Stinky Doo.
Maybe I should send him to General Castell as part of a 'thank you' gift basket for arranging such a wonderful mission to a fun house from hell.

The last mission I had the luck of being with Sara and Myrrad, and two new rebels. We were supposed to deliver a birthday gift when out of nowhere we get attacked by troopers. Well, we couldn't just leave them lying around knowing what we looked like, cause the last thing I need is another bounty on my head. So I told Sara I must have forgot my purse back at the bar and went back to take care of the guys, but I got caught by my team and had to suffer a scolding from Fenn later on. I don't get it, it's not like it's against training to do what I did, and we were supposed to keep a low profile anyways.
So we wind up in some wierd fuedal castle with the most boring hosts ever. Sara and I decided it would be best to share a room and I'm glad we did because we were attacked by force wraiths that night.
If it's one thing I hate more than and AT-AT its a force wraith, and I wake up with one trying to french kiss my face off of me at night. I admitt I screamed bloody murder until we killed the thing, and then there were more of them later on. I could have blown up the party too if it wasn't for Sara, who noticed some explosives int he corner of the room. Turns out it was part of something we were supposed to pick up on behalf of the alliance.

Well….two cases sorta wound up missing from what was left, and I guess Myrrad, being higher up on the food chain than myself, told Fenn about what had occurred. I got chewed out…and let me say that Fenn is pretty scary somethimes. But at least it was for the lesser evil…he was kind enought to let us keep our boxes. The only problem is where should I keep it stored?


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