The Draedans have a reputation for spending more time fighting amonst themselves than for anything else. This amphibious species would likely join the galactic community, but their society is still split into many countries and it's widely believed that they would only allow their local conflicts to spill out into open space. As modern weapons make their way to the homeworld of Sesid, the intensity of Draedan conflicts is only increasing.
Dexterity 2D/4D+1
Knowledge 1D/3D
Mechanical 1D/4D
Perception 1D/4D
Strength 2D/4D+1
Technical 1D/3D

Prehensile Tail: The tail of the Draedans is prehensile, and they may use it as a third hand. Some experienced Draedans keep a hold-out blaster strapped to their backs within reach of the tail.
Claws: Draedans get a +1D to Climbing and +1D to physical damage due to their claws.
Amphibians: Due to their cold-blooded nature, Draedans may have to make a Difficult Stamina roll once per 15 minutes to avoid collapsing in extreme heat (above 50 standard degrees) or cold (below -5 standard degrees).
Water Breathing: Draedans may breathe water and air.
Moist Skin: Draedan must keep their scales from drying out. They must immerse themselves in water once per 20 hours in moderately moist environments or oncer per four hours in very dry environments. Any Draedan who fails to do this will suffer extreme pain, causing a -1D penalty to all actions for one hour. After that hour, the Draedan is so paralyzed by pain that he or she is incapable of moving or any other actions.
Move: 10/12, 13/16 (swimming)
Pip Cost: 2

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