Here is just a short list of drinks. There are more…much more…

Alderaanian Bang
This drink is a blue and green liqour comonly served over dry ice for a nice cloudy effect. In this state the drink is often thought of as relaxing and sweet tasting, but add a little 'boom juice' to the mix (it glows bright red and usually accompanies the begining of this drink as a shot) and watch the drink fizz and pop until it turns a flaming color. Be sure to drink it before it curdles! (otherwise it's been known to cause the glass to explode)

Alderaanian Phoot Brandy
The favorite drink of dedicated alcoholics, but little known to amateurs due to the high price that low volumes of production caused. The price is rapidly skyrocketing as collectors and connesieurs deplete the small stock left in the galaxy.

Alderaan Ruge
This drink is a fine liquor produced on Alderaan.

Andoan Wine
This drink is produced on Ando, and aged in heavy casks.

Bantha Blaster
This drink is a pink-and-green alcoholic drink which fizzes and pops. It is a party favorite at the palace of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, and is commonly served at the Hutt Chuba's restaurant and the cantina, Maggy the Gorgon's.

Bespin Port
This drink is generally considered one of the finest ports produced in the Galaxy.

Cassandran Choholl
It is a fine beverage, known for its fruity and fragrant flavor, perhaps even better regarded than Cassandran brandy. Grada brand Cassandran Choholl is considered one of the finest types of liquors in the Galaxy, and often sells for upwards of 500 credits a bottle or more.

Cassandra Sunrise
This drink consists of several Starshine Surprises in the same glass. It is said to be too potent to drink. It is, also, rumored to make an excellent sunburn salve, but only if you have extremely thick skin.

Cortyg brandy
This drink is an incredibly hard drink brewed on Kashyyyk. It comes in two different variations, the "wilder" side, drank by Wookiees and the "tamer" Cortyg that tasted smoother. The "tamer" variant is sold to offworlders at high prices.

Corellian Wiskey
This is a popular alcoholic drink from Corellia. One particularly favored brand is Whyren's Reserve. Corellian whiskey is a prime ingredient in traditional ryshcate, along with Vweilu nuts. The whiskey has a woody, spicy flavor that was similar to the scent of Caamasi.
Corellian whiskey is primarily popular among Corellians themselves. Despite its popularity with them, most Corellians not actually living on Corellia itself tend to reserve the drink for special occasions, due to its rarity and prohibitive expense elsewhere in the galaxy. Possibly in response, distillers on worlds colonized by Corellians, such as the Ethra Brewery on Socorro, started producing their own versions.

Crème D'Infame
This is one of the most sought-after types of wine in the Galaxy.

An alcoholic beverage made from Terrberries and select spicy nuts on Parein II 4, in the Sarin Sector. It is fermented in sweetgreen fruit hardnut shells. The taste is said to be very soothing and refreshing … until the alcohol hit like a blaster bolt thirty standard minutes later.

Dark Side Daiquiri
This was a popular mixed drink in the last years of the Galactic Republic. It is a sweet beverage made with juice, sugar and some sort of rum.

Double-Dip Outer Rim Rumdrop
This is a mixed drink invented by Shayne Gerrare for his place of employment, Spirited Spirits. The specialty drink is quite popular and is most responsible for Spirit Spirits' success.

This is an alcoholic cocktail that contains a phosphorescent agent, causing the concoction to glow.

Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud
This mixed drink has been likened to watching a starfighter flying towards you from the horizon: you can see it coming…you see it flash overhead…there is a brief pause…followed by an almighty and completely unexpected explosion of sound as the shockwave passes. At this point, the drinker shou make an Easy Stamina roll or fall off his seat from the impact.
The name "thundercloud' arose because the active ingredients of the drink produce a "fizzy" effect which creates a miniature cloud, simulating an electrical storm.

Emerald wine
Also known as green wine is traditionally served with braised nerf.

Fermented fungus ale
This is a common alcoholic beverage on Ryloth. It is often served with rycrit stew and munch-fungus based dishes.

This is an extremely strong alcoholic beverage that, when mixed correctly, was known for producing sensations similar to a scalding of the tongue and a freezing of the throat.

This is a rough alcoholic beverage favored by Wookiees on Kashyyyk. It is made from dried bone and hide mixed with alcoholic stock.

A particularly powerful beverage, favored mainly in and around Corellian space, but known throughout the galaxy. It is often used in a drinking competition known as "lumguzzling."
A pitcher of lum is usually quite large (costing 6 to 10 credits), and in smaller quantities the drink tastes sweet and slightly soapy (but not unpleasantly so).
Lum has peculiar effects on a body — while the imbiber often feels the effects of more standard forms of alcohol, for some reason, a drinker cannot overdose on lum as he can with other types of beverages. Therefore, lumguzzling isn't nearly as dangerous for the participants as other types of drinking games are.

Orryxian Catsblood
This drink was developed by the Orryxians that are a felinoid species from Orryxia. They were encountered often enough by Rebel SpecOps teams to acquire the nickname "Cats." The actual ingredience in this drink is the subject of many drunken arguements.

Ottegan Mead
This drinks is generally a popular alcoholic drink among smugglers.

Pink Lizard Thunderbolt
An interesting variant on the above. For added realism, the drinker can taste the mud from the ground after being knocked over by the sound wave. At this point, roll a Moderate Stamina check to avoid falling over.
The drink is named after its inventor — a small, scaly lizard of indetermined species, gender and color (most people who have tried the drink had difficulty focusing their eyes afterwards) who popped up in one of Margath's bars off and on for a number of years. After inventing this potion, it never drank anything else, and the brew was eventually named in its honor.

Renan Irongut
This drink is named simply after what you need to drink it. (Downing it in one drink requires a Moderate Stamina roll!) Tradition has it that the potion also makes a potent rust remover. However, as this drink cost around 3 to 5 credits a shot, it's much cheaper to buy real rust remover and use that; so far no-one has gotten around to testing the brewer's claims.

Savareen Brandy
It is one of the few brandies truly worth the baroque procedures dedicated brandy drinkers indulged themselves in, though the average alcohol consumer would likely only find it to be "quite nice."

Skannbult Likker
Also called Fire Liquor on Elshandruu Pica, is considered to be one of the most volatile intoxicants in the Galaxy. It originated from Skann in the Astal Sector, distilled in rock basins by local farmers from that planet's surplus of dust corn and dry gene wheat. Good quality Likker is rare even on its planet of origin, primarily distilled on smaller rural farms; most traders only encountered an inferior quality Likker found in Skann's spacers' bar.

Starshine Surprise
This drink is called the Starshine Surprise because, after you've drunk it, the next thing you will notice is the stars above you, probably because you are laying flat on your back in the street (which is quite the surprise if you're not expecting it). This drink is only for non-humans and the most hardened of Human drinkers.

Sunset Soda
This non-alcoholic, fizzy beverage is usually served in a tall glass to showcase the unusual chromatic properties of its ingredients; in standard gravity, the lowest part of the liquid is always a dark dark blue, moving through the chromatic scale to a bright sunset orange at the top of the glass. Sunset sodas taste like the moments before evening, and as such, taste different to each person, due to the memory-invoking psyweed involved in the manufacturing process.

Tatooine Sunburn
Tatooine is a binary system; a Tatooine Sunburn is two Starshine Surprises in the same glass.

The Meltdown
This is reputedly more "sophisticated" version of the The Reactor Core. This drink mixes Spice Liqueur with Lum to the same hallucinogenic effect. The Meltdown is more expensive than the Reactor Core, typically costing ten to twelve credits.

The Reactor Core
Many hardened drinkers claim that this beverage should only be available by prescription. This mixed drink that produces hallucinations due to the narcotic agents released by combining Spice Liqueur and Blue Tonic. The people who drink it claim that this is complete nonsense, no narcotic agents are released and … by the way, did you know you've just turned into a talking lampstand?

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