Drogg Nago

Drogg Nago

Rebellion Rank: None
Race: Gand (Unconfirmed)
Home World: Unknown
Age: Unknown Gender: Male
Height: 7'2" Weight: 350lbs/160kilos
Hair: None


Objective: To act as a bodyguard and protect Flash Meltdown from harm (grudgingly).
Status: Known Thunder Team associate, capture or terminate orders issued by Imperial SecOps
Favorite Weapons: Known to favor a large Vibro-Axe in close combat, and is often seen wearing a brace of dangerously-modified Disruptor Pistols.

Common Quotes:
"Vhere's my money, Flash? After vhat you had done to me, you owe me DOUBLE!"
"Eweryvun listens to man with Vibro-Axe. He may have to sving it around a leetle, first…"
"Quiet, or I eat your head."

The hulking brute known as Drogg emerged without explanation from the depths of Cormba the Hutt's secret laboratories a year ago and associated himself with Thunder Team shortly thereafter. Well over seven feet tall and weighing in at over 160 kilos, this monstrous addition to the group stepped in to claim the position of Commodore Flash Meltdown's personal bodyguard, much to the consternation of Flash himself. Ostensibly a Gand to passing inspection, there are differences in his physiology that betray him as something… else. His eyes, while compound, are set slightly too far forward, the overall greenish cast to the skin, and his surprising size and strength mark him out as being either a significant deviation from the standard Gand stock or perhaps some sort of genetically modified alien. Like most Gand however, Drogg appears not to require respiration, and exhibits a surprising regenerative capability (as evidenced by the loss and subsequent regrowth of his right hand and forearm following a botched boarding action).

It is whispered that Drogg is in fact a stable vat-grown clone of Grod Oo'Gan, who disappeared into Cormba the Hutt's laboratories several years prior following a runaway recombination of Invader genetic materials and Grod's own Rodian DNA. Cormba's majordomo declined comment regarding whether Commodore Flash Meltdown had paid to have Grod cloned and hypno-conditioned to act as a bodyguard, and later fed the investigating reporter to a pack of genetically-modified combat Neks.

Known Associates:
Declared member of Thunder Team
Flash Meltdown
Claven Bastardson
Cormba the Hutt

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