Droid Repair

Time Taken: 15 minutes, then one hour, then two hours; may be several hours or days depending upon the level of repair.
Specializations: Type or model droid — astromech droid, protocol droid, probe droid.

This skill represents a character's talent to repair, maintain and modify droids. The repair difficulty depends on how badly damaged the droid is — the cost reflects the price of replacement parts based on the droid's original value.

Droid Wasspace spaceDifficultyspaceCost
Lightly damagedspace spaEasyspace spa15%
Heavily damagedspace spaDifficultspaces25%
Severely damagedspaceVery Difficultspac35%
Nearly obliteratedspace spHeroicspace sp65%

As with droid programming, droid repair tasks can be broken down into several smaller, easier, but more time consuming tasks, so that unless a droid was destroyed it can often be repaired given enough time, patience and money.
Gamemasters should discuss any modifications characters want to make to droids. Difficulties and costs can vary, and may be based on parts availability, complexity of an attachment, and the configuration of the droid. For instance, a fourth-degree droid designed for combat can much more readily accept an interior mounted grenade launcher than a first-degree droid, such as a 2-1B surgical unit. The fourth-degree droid's shell is properly reinforced and its software nodes are designed around the appropriate programs to operate the launcher. Most attachments come with software which must be programmed or hardwired into the droid's memory with the droid programming skill.

See Customizing Droids for more on this.

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