The Ebranites are a species of climbing omnivores native to the giant canyons of Ebra, the second planet of the Dousc system. Ebra's seemingly endless mountains seem unbearably harsh, yet these aliens have thrived in the planet's sheltered caves and canyons. Ebranite settlements form around small wells deep in the caves, where supplies of pure water feed abundant fungi and thick layers of casanivne.
Ebranites are stocky omnivores highly adapted to rocky terrain. They have six multi-jointed arms with six-digited hands, each with four long fingers and two opposable thumbs. Their stubby feet posses three large clawed toes and a thumb-like appendage at the heel which enables the Ebranite to grasp any solid terrain with their feet.
Dexterity 2D+1/4D+1
Knowledge 1D/3D+2
Mechanical 1D/3D+2
Perception 2D/4D
Strength 2D+1/4D+2
Technical 1D/2D+2

Rock Climbing: All Ebranites gain a +2D bonus to Climbing in rough terrain such as mountains, canyons, and caves.
Rock Camouflage: All Ebranites gain a +1D+2 bonus to Sneak in rocky terrain due to their skin coloration and natural affinity for such places.
Thick Hides: All Ebranites have a very thick hide, which gains them a +2 Strength bonus against physical damage.
Vision: Ebranites can see in the infrared spectrum, allowing them to see in complete darkness provided there are heat sources.
Frenzy: When believing themselves to be in immediate danger, Ebranites often enter a frenzy in which they attack the perceived source of danger. They gain +1D to Brawling or Brawling Parry. A frenzied Ebranite can be calmed by companions, with a Moderate Persuasion or Command check.
Move: 6/8, 14/18 (climbing)
Pip Cost: 1

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