Elbaz Station
Manufacturer: Pentad Mining Corporation
Diameter: 10 kilometers
Armament: Classified
Region: Wild Space
Sector: Kathol Sector
System: Zeta Aquilae
Planet: Zeta Aquilae IV
Constructed: 14 BBY (in Sparks timeline; 23 BBY in standard timeline)
Population: 22,000 (as of Sparks 156: Mystery at Elbaz Station). 45% human, 35% mixed species, 20% sentient droids.

Station Government

Elbaz is governed jointly by a civilian government and a military organization, the Elbaz Station Municipal Forces. The Municipal Forces follow Naval command structure and rank; the current head is Commander Joshua Robinson (as of Sparks 156: Mystery at Elbaz Station). The civilian government is democratically elected by all sentient beings on Elbaz; five council members serve three year terms and are elected on a staggered annual cycle. The Council chooses a mayor amongst itself to act as the head of government for affairs of state and as chairperson of the council. The current mayor is Isaac Kelani; the other council members are Retaw Mrala, Antonalius Ki'gola, Mercutio Delatea, and F-Zero-B-Seven (as of Sparks 156: Mystery at Elbaz Station).

Criminal Code

The following acts are some of the many illegal on Elbaz.
Property Crimes: Theft, Arson or other Willful Destruction, Burglary
Violent Crimes: Assault, Battery, Homicide, Abduction, Robbery, Extortion, Sexual Assault,
Public Order Crimes: Carrying a weapon on the station (regardless of die code), Applying a restraint to a sentient being (including restraining bolts), Possession of any availability R or X item, Many other common offenses throughout the galaxy.

Penalties are determined by tribunal and include fines, incarceration, or exile.

Station Layout

Asterisk – Habitat Ring.
D – Central Spire Block
A, B, C, E, F, G – Wards
1, 2,3 – Docking Pylons

Locations of Note

Habitat Ring (Deck 50 only) – All About Armor (near A Ward), Jed’s Ship Sales (near B Ward), F-Zero’s Droid Parts and Computers shop (near C Ward), Botannical Gardens (near E Ward), CluB 17 (near F Ward), Offensive Arms(near G Ward)
A Ward – Crew Quarters
B Ward – Guest Quarters (Deck 10), Ithelonian Quarters (Deck 12), Security (Deck 50)
C Ward – Infirmary (Deck 50)
D Block (Central Spire) – Station Command (Deck 1), Government Offices (Deck 99)
E Ward – Elbaz Station University (Deck 72)
F Ward – Isaac’s Quarters (Deck 10)
G Ward – Nothing here yet.
Pylon 1 – Under Repair.
Pylon 2 – Ceremonial Flight Deck (Docking Bay 7)
Pylon 3 – Repair Bay (Docking Bay 3)

Image Credit: Star Trek, Deep Space 9

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