Elbaz Station University

Location: Elbaz Station, E-Ward, Deck 72.
Available: Sparks 158 - Memories of Elbaz Station.
Headmaster: Professor Retaw M'rala
Description: Nestled away in the lower areas of E-ward is the station’s university. Unlike many areas of the station the university is occupied primarily by droids. The receptionist and many of the instructors are customized droids, each capable of speaking all known verbal and gesture based languages. Off to one side is a large room where assemblies, large lectures, and other activities are held. To another side is a bay of individual and small group training areas. The individual training areas appear to have instructional terminals or small workshops, whereas the small group training areas feature droids or human instructors. A third hallway is marked children’s ward; it appears the station’s children are also schooled here. A fourth hallway leads to a gymnasium and fitness instruction area; weapons ranges also appear to be down this hallway as well. A final doorway is marked ‘Headmaster’s Office’.

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