Elixir Of Infatuation

Equipment / Medical / Drugs

Model: Zeltron Elixir of Infatuation
Type: Mind-affecting drug
Cost: 250 (per vial)
Availability: 3
Game Notes:

A creature that imbibes the transparent, odorless liquid becomes infatuated with the first creature he or she sees afterwards. The mind-influencing effect lasts for 1D hours, and a successful Difficult willpower roll negates the effect. If the drinker and the source of the infatuation are of the same species, apply a -1D+1 penalty to the drinker’s roll. If both are human or near-human, but of different species, apply a -2 penalty to the roll instead. Creatures with Dark Side Points or immune to mindinfluencing effects are immune to the elixir. An infatuated creature suffers a -2D penalty to Perception-based rolls regarding the source of infatuation. If this source threatens the infatuated creature in any way, the victim gets another willpower roll to negate the elixir’s effect.

Source: Ultimate Alien Anthology (page 197)


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