Entry 10

Today I think someone slipped me some kind of mushroom again. Ended up somewhere that made no sense. Aliens everywhere talking in non-sense, then it turned out they weren't even aliens but droids of some kind. Did I mention there was an AT-AT sized dog licking the ship? At least we were able to call an obital bombardment on the dog, that was fun.

For once I had to agree with the sentiment the Imperials had on the situation. However, that doesn't always give you the answers you need. Had to deal with the hallucinations and let us trip through this world that only would make sense to a child till we found a way out.

We had to go through obvious traps to get an artifact for Chimara. It was the largest lightsabre I've ever seen. Of course, then when it was time to use it, she refused and we had to deal with the monsters with weapons. Turned out to not be that bad anyways, and we did not need the weapon. Chimara ended up putting it back where she got it from.

Oh, and a speeder scale monster/droid scratched my armor! Pissed me off so much I kicked it in the nuts 3 times before anyone else had a chance to do more than one thing. I think it was dead after the second kick, but I was pissed enough I still kicked the last time to make sure. Served it right for scratching my armor!

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