Entry 11

Had to help in a planet's political process again. And again ended up in my catholic schoolgirl outfit to distract guards at political offices. Being it was a low G world, it was even easier to skip down the street. This time though, they wanted the guards to be distracted and not know anything was wrong, so I just had to keep bouncing and talking to the guard outside with a good view for the security cameras. I kept them completely attentive to me and drooling for at least 45 min. I have yet for any man to even go for a weapon while I've been in that outfit. Of course afterwards, from the reports of the others, I suspect that it did not take them 45 min to get in and out of the office the back way, and I knew they got the video tapes. So I had to get a copy as well. The second time, I stepped it up a notch with a yo-yo and bubble gum. Have to remember those for the next time too, they really added a lot to the distraction factor. I think the guard on the street about popped when I turned around to pick up the yo-yo after I dropped it…

Oooohhh, that's it! I have just got to get Jynxie a matching outfit with yo-yo! Then we could both skip up together! Guards just would not have a chance against us. I dont think even a full squad of stormtroopers would stand a chance against us!

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