Entry 12

Another mission with my BFF, and I finally got to meet her husband the squib I had heard so much about. He looks just like the plush doll I won a few years ago! He definately is cute, and his fur is soft, but I have to wonder about how exactly it all works, and what about the fur? I hate getting hair in my mouth, it's so hard to get out.

Anyways, we had a mission. We got to go and blow up a lot of Imps in a city on a mining planet. I was very dissapointed in the size of the explosions, but we did not have a lot of explosives to use, and there were a lot of target buildings. Yes, we accomplished the mission objectives and all, but we were wanting to top the explosion at the opera house.

We did get a very nice vantage point to watch the explosions, even drug a couch up to the roof to sit on, and with sis' permission we flanked the cute furball on the couch as we sipped champagne and she set off the explosions. Afterwards we watched the fireworks that kept going for a little bit from the theatre's crater.

Of course, I think there were some issues that came up, both my sis and the furball looked worried and distracted at times, and they started whispering that they needed to have some conversations. I hope they work it all out. He really does seem to make her happy.

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