Entry 17

Another mission, this one a little longer than usual. But I got to spend the time with Sis and some other friends including her hubby, almost 3 months. Most of the mission was tiring, but not terribly bad. I do have terrible new callouses on my hands and feet, but those will go away soon enough. No new physical scars. However, the exit strategy left much to be desired (seems to be a theme of a lot of missions these days, almost makes me wonder…)

But none of that is really the important recent event.

I had thought that I had had assaults on my emotions before… TK's death last year, then more recently the visage of my father… but nothing prepared me for what I felt at the worst moment of my life.

We were on our way out, and, as usual, the main minion of evil in the area stood in our way holding a sinister looking blade. Sis and I were the closest to front line combatants in our team, so we took the center, facing the villian down while the rest of the team tried to sneak around behind him. He was hard to hit with blasters, and even when Sis hit him, it didnt seem to affect him. Then he charged Sis. He moved so quickly I couldnt do anything as he struck her down with one slash of his blade, then raised a hand to me saying something about my turn would come as I felt an invisible force fling me across the bay. I didnt even feel the wall stop me, all I could see was Sis' apparently lifeless form dropping to the ground at his feet, blood spraying from her shoulder and chest.

Terror, then rage filled me. The person I cared about most, my closest family, the one who had opened my heart further than anyone, my sister - was dead. And that snearing man had taken her from me. My heart felt like it was going to explode. Everything seemed to slow down, like it does sometimes in times of great stress. But still my rage demanded more, my heart rate increasing even more. My vision dimmed and took on an almost red tint, yet at the same time the man standing over Sis stood out in even more detail. I think I was screaming, and tears might have been streaming down my cheeks, I'm not sure as my attention was fully on the villian.

I leapt back up and charged him. Vagely aware of someone else also screaming and running at him from the side. The other person reached him first, a blade of light flashing, first missing, then grazing him to knock the ornate necklace from the his neck. The villian's expression changed from one of snearing contempt, to one of fear as the necklace fell. A black wave emanated out from him, but it seemed to be harmless at the time. Then I was to him, my foot flying up with unnatural speed and precision. It smashed into his pelvic region and threw him up and back several feet. His eyes almost popping out of his face as blood bubbled out of his mouth with his breath. He landed on the floor with a thud and did not move. The other person there jammed the blade of light into his chest and left it there. Both of us turning to Sis.

Things started to come back to normalcy as we realized that the wound was not as bad as it had initially seemed. There was a lot of blood, but the blade had not broken her ribcage and she was still breathing.

It turned out the other person who charged the villian was Sis' hubby. Together we stabilized Sis before turning to see what happened to the rest of the team.

The incident drove home just how strongly I feel for Sis. My father would have called it a weakness, and truth be told it scares me more than anything, yet at the same time, I would not give it up. I am not my father, and I know that there is strength in the bonds between true family. I have her back, and I am sure that she has mine.

At the same time, it also showed me that no matter what ever he may say or do, deep down the squib does in fact love Sis more than his own life. I had wondered if he really did feel as strongly for her as she does for him. He is such a smooth talker. But having seen him at that moment, kneeling over her, I now know.

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