Entry 19

It's been another couple of months from my last entry. Hadn't been home much.

Spent some time running about following one clue after another. Had to go into a mine as a slave and do some mining, just when the blisters were finally healed from my last excusion mining… it's official, I hate mining… After several different systems and clues ended up finding more ancient alien stuff. Saw a cool ship that destroyed 3 star destroyers in 3 shots… 1 shot each… Too bad we had to destroy it, but by doing that we kept the galaxy safe and took out a super star destroyer… I have to agree with FBI and JH, I think we could have held off the 200 troopers long enough to do it the right way and save the ship for the Rebellion.

Also visited a weird planet that is apparently run by force wraiths. One tried eating Sis while we slept, but we dealt with it. A foolish new recruit thought that we 'girls' needed saving and then was pissed when he triggered the trapped door and got KO'd. Of course, since he didnt know Sis and I well enough, I guess the screams from the room could have been misleading. Anyways, the ringing in my ears has stopped, so my hearing should be fine. Plus we managed to resupply Sis and I's arsenals some from the damaged cargo.

Oh, and I found kitty's concern I was going to take care of the loose ends behind us amusing since while he was soo concerned with stopping me from going back he missed that Sis had already done so at my suggestion… until of course he heard the blaster shots… Sometimes she just forgets about simple things like knives have their uses. I was not amused about the scolding that Sis got from FBI when she got back to base though. He should understand the need to not get bounties on everyone with their faces plastered around. It makes going undercover soo much more difficult… Oh, and I just remembered, he had no problem with squibbums using a shuttle full of techs for a shield for our ship, and I would think that would rank a bit worse that taking care of some stormtroopers that had seen our faces.

I have had the chance to spend more time with Sis and squibbums, and even some time with him without her. He definately has some skills, but needs to learn to control his wandering hands at times… at least till Sis gives him permission. He's definately cute too, but I still just dont know about how it all would work with him. I really doubt he has the stamina to handle both Sis and I though, we might brake him…

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