Entry 2

More of the usual, good missions, bad missions. Vacations and easy jobs turn into the worst traps, and you find fun in unexpected places. Got to visit a backwater low-tech imperial planet and pretend to be a lady. Nice dress, but a little more restrictive than I like, and really not as flattering of my body type as I would have preferred. But my 'Lord' companion looked very nice in his outfit, as usual, and played all parts quite satisfactorily. If only the other two with us had taken the time to try to keep from looking like tourists, really, they stood out like a bantha in a Corescant bath house. Just for that, I didnt feel bad for making them feel uncomfortable at night while the 'Lord' and I played our parts out. It had been quite a while since I had found anyone who knew who I actually was and was not intimidated or uncomfortable when it came time to retire for the night. Of course, as usual there was a trap latter, but the trap sprang, then had a trap spung on it in turn, and we ended up getting it all cleaned up as usual. I think getting to relax a little at night helped a lot.

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