Entry 20

Another couple of months, and several more missions. Saw a really big mobile base. Fought pirates. And got some history lessons.

Several recent events do, however, stand out, though rebel command may not consider them strategically important…

I might have picked up a new private nickname from Sis… "Chastity Belt". One mission put FS out with Sis and I (along with several of others of course). We had some time to kill before meeting our contact, and the team split up to take advantage of the time. While I was doing some shopping, Sis went out to lunch with FS. I was hoping she might get some of the issues between her and him resolved, however, it seems that she still has some to resolve. After my shopping was done, I commed her to see if she needed any help with anything… from the sounds of what was going on, she did. It was just a matter of what kind of help she wanted - willpower or stamina. She told me what hotel and room they were going to. I showed up none-too-soon, Sis had a hard time breaking free long enough just to answer the door and let me in. If he had kept her from the door another few seconds, I was going to break the door down. Once in the door, I got Sis to quietly clarify which manner of help she wanted - willpower…mostly. Then things got interesting. The things I do for my sis… not to say it was not enjoyable, but FS isnt really my preferred type for that type of thing. He tends to be a bit too forcefull and blunt. Which while those traits have their place in the field, in the bedroom they should not be as prominent. It was not very easy either, FS was very determined to enjoy Sis as well, and she was not terribly good at resisting. I'm pretty sure that he actually pushed his body past his normal stamina, but he kept going. In the end, I think I managed to keep him from actually getting all the way with her… And I dont think he understood what was going on, he thought it was just his lucky day…

I also did some background research for the idea Sis and I had for clearing some bounties and making some cred at the same time. Discovered that some of the bounties were no longer there, including Sis's. However, 3 of them are still in effect, and I found body type matches for them with dead or alive bounties on them. And I should get some more information on those marks before long. Then we can go to phase 2 of the plan.

Then there was also the suprise Sis and I got after I got back. We got treated to a VERY expensive and lush day at the spa with no expenses spared! Of course, due to the annonymous way in which the invitation started, we of course assumed it was a trap, but as usual we went along with it and enjoyed the good parts while we could. Turned out to be very very good, and very very relaxing. It was just what we needed. More importantly it turned out not to be a trap. It was in fact a present from squibbums. He keeps showing more and more why Sis loves him so much. Of course, he seemed to have made at least a slight miscalculation, and Sis is a little irritated that I was also included in the anniversary presents. But I'm sure they will work it out.

I also got to see MC again. Almost had a repeat of our first trip to Navhiba, but we did not have enough time. However, I did have a little sit down with him to discuss exactly where we stood. Mostly I am happy with his answers, but another little part of me is slightly dissapointed. But I wanted to know where things stood, and they are not in a bad place.

Life is so interesting around here.

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