Entry 21

Another mission and of course we end up stranded on some strange planet after a wonderful crash landing… again. Another primitive culture, this one with only vague ideas about there being other sentients in the galaxy, and of course the Imps are running about killing them trying to get off the planet – like it is the fault of the people who barely have mastered black powder that electronics don’t work on the planet. Turned out there were some very advanced sentients there who were protecting and guiding the primitives. However, in order to get off the planet we had to prove ourselves by a “ritual” competition between us and the Imps. We just had to hunt down a big tiger using only what we found in the wilderness. They made it sound like these creatures were vicious indestructible killing machines so when we found one we sent the non-combatants around in front, the newbs around back, and FBI and I waited to the side. The others thought the plan was to drive the beast to us, but I figured the beast would go after the non-coms and we could catch it by surprise. To our surprise, instead it went after the newbs and we had to run the opposite way we were expecting to. The newbs had all made clubs for weapons – which were just as effective as I figured they would be… which is to say they were not effective at all. However, I kicked it once and the fight was over. Really not much of a challenge. The beast did manage to get a claw into one of the newbs, but it was just a flesh wound, and next time he might try a little harder so he doesn’t get rescued by a little girl in her underwear.

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