Entry 22 How Many Birds Can We Kill With 1 Stone

After quite a bit of planning and research, I finally enacted the plan Sis and I had started coming up with a while ago. 2 of the 3 marks were hiding fairly well, one of them really well, but the 3rd mark was not hiding at all and was out in the open. However, he was a bounty hunter and very dangerous. I figured “Why should I have to do all the work?” and decided to let the 3rd mark retrieve the other two and bring them to me. Sent PW with a couple of newbs to rent a place for our trap to be laid and start setup while I finished research and sent the invite from Bespin. I used an alias that should not come up in any searches so as to increase the mysteriousness and sugar the bait.

Several unfortunate things here. 1. Stinking fish. The backwater planet I chose because it was backwater and close to Bespin was a fish farm. I figured there should be some places that would be less stinky of fish, apparently PW didn’t find any of those however, and then he went and filled it with the foulest and stinkyest fish he could find. I agree that the crates of fish helped keep the cover and gave us crates to hide the explosives in, but did he have to get fish that were already rotting? It took forever to get the stench off of me and my equipment afterwards! 2. Apparently the one mark was hiding really really well as the bounty hunter mark did not bring her with him. Just as well I guess, she really didn’t sound like too bad of a person (though I would not tell my assistants that). 3. The one mark that the bounty hunter mark retrieved survived the original capture by the bounty hunter and managed to convince him that he did not know what was going on or who was after them. 4. The bounty hunter mark wasn’t dumb enough.

As with all plans, things went wrong once implemented. The bounty hunter became suspicious and chose a vantage point while he sent in the captured and tortured mark into the meeting place. He had the mark bugged and a hidden stun grenade wired on him. I knew things were going the way of plan B when he walked in, but I was not sure how far away the bounty hunter was or what precautions he took. I stunned the mark, and as my hired tech went to close the door a missile hit the door. As it was evident the bounty hunter was not going to enter, my combative team members went for the roof, myself included. I decided to take the unconscious mark with me as a body shield since I got the impression that some of my team would not be happy with what still needed done to him if he was alive at the end of the fight. Unfortunately I had underestimated the bounty hunter, and right after I popped though the roof in the middle of my jet pack burst, the stun explosive on the mark went off, and everything went dark for me.

I awoke a few minutes later at the bottom of a nearby lake and had to make my way back out and back to the raft the warehouse was on.

Turns out that yet another bounty hunter came onto the scene and shot the bounty hunter mark, then took the unconscious mark from the roof, insulted PW and tossed him a cred stick for the mark, leaving us the body of the bounty hunter mark.

We were able to turn in the bounty hunter mark as the perpetrator of the incident we were dealing with to clear one of the bounties we wanted to, and also paid off the other two bounties we were trying to get cleared with the cred given by the hunter. Not sure who he was collecting the mark for, but he never collected the bounty we knew was on him and he had given us more cred than that bounty was worth as well.

So in the end, the bounties we wanted cleared are cleared, one evil bastard bounty hunter is removed from the galaxy, and we made some credits to boot. Just had to deal with horribly stinky fish and a little embarrassment.

Still have a nagging curiosity about the one mark that I couldn’t find anything on and the bounty hunter mark couldn’t find.

Oh, bantha fodder! We forgot to check for the bounty hunter mark’s ship at the starport! There’s another thing that I should have remembered to check! Who knows what may have been there. For all I know the missing mark could be on the ship!

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