Entry 24

Recruited a new person to the cause the other day. Needed a tech to support my special hunt and found this four armed blue tech girl who seemed to be willing to help out for a cut. She ended up joining up for a long mission afterwards too, and then went and actually officially signed up for the ranks. Definitely a strange one. Seems to be a bit more of a touchy feely person in public than I am used to. When a new recruit was trying to figure out if they should call me “Sir” or “Maam” while I was busy paying attention to something else, she just said “it’s a maam, can’t you tell?” and reached out and with two hands and squeezed my breasts! Most people know that I am not self conscious, shy, or have any problems with physical contact – when I am aware and ready for it. I was actually a bit sensitive about being touched anyways at the time since I was around squibbums and being on the look out for his straying paws, but was not expecting anything from her. This took me quite a bit off guard. Fortunately I was just directing some of the team on things and not doing anything that being startled could have had catastrophic effects.

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