Entry 25 Flying Hunks Of Metal

Sometimes I wonder about people’s sanity. We go everywhere in these hunks of metal flying around at tremendous speeds and then going in for a “landing” on some planet. It seems that, on missions, about half the time these “landings” could more accurately be considered “crashes”. And yet, we still gear up, load up, and pile in ready to go.

Just in the last 5 months I’ve been on 2 ships that lost all power during reentry and landed dead stick (I wasn’t flying either of them). And I was also onboard a transport that crashed into and through another transport (completely Unintentionally).

Previously I’ve been on ships that have pretty much disintegrated during reentry and we had to abandon ship to avoid the big boom at the “landing site”, and others where the ship was never going to be able to fly again after the “landing”.

Of course, I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie, and I survived all these (usually with only a few bruises), so I guess I should not complain too much, but it does make one wonder about the sanity of it all.

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