Entry 27

I knew it was going to be a doozy of a mission when I saw who all was gathered for the briefing. The only thing that could have made it be a better set up for a… complicated… mission (having nothing to do with whatever task we were being sent to do) would be if squibbie had been there. Sis, MC, FS, V, TC, CM, and HA were all there besides myself.

Before we left we had to decrypt some odd distress msg, and still didn’t get any details except for a possible location. Then we got in the ship that had been loaded with tons of supplies for an unknown rescue. Honestly, I think they loaded up everything except for the kitchen sink… and of course no explosives or heavy weaponry.

Sis and I decided to continue sparring practice with CM as we started the hyperspace journey. MC decided that watching the 3 of us spar was more entertaining than anything else going on on the ship (not that I blame him). Sis and CM both managed to hit each other at the same time, but CM hit a bit harder than intended and actually KO’d Sis. I caught her before she hit the floor and turned into a backspin kick to CM while MC took the opportunity to try to give Sis “first aid”. And that’s when things went wrong…

Don’t know if there was an error in our decoding of the coordinates, the entry to the nav computer, the hyperdrive, or if it was just a bantha floating through space, but we apparently hit something in hyperspace and everything went black.

When I came back to consciousness, I was face to face with MC, tightly packed in with everyone else in a row (everyone else was still unconscious). We jumped up and assessed the situation, finding that while we were out, some droids from the cargo were currently running the ship. The others woke fairly shortly after us and together we determined the droids had actually performed some medical attention and had started repairing the ship and then got us back on track going to our destination. We had woken up just in time to arrive at the destination location to find the cruiser we had departed from had beat us to the destination and we had been out for a couple of weeks.

The droids all got medals for saving us, and we still have no clue where the mysterious signal came from.

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