Entry 29

Have I ever mentioned I hate prisons? Especially when I did not mean to get in one. Of course, it doesn’t help to know I said it was a trap, and I was right.

This wonderful little planet actually has a security force and prison system that seems to know what they are doing. I still am fuzzy on exactly how they captured us, but discovered that their prisons are as close to escape proof as possible. They don’t give you anything to work with and use both force fields and physical obstacles, plus constant surveillance and when they interrogate you, it is in your cell in the dark with a droid that you cant hear or see come in. And they are vicious in their interrogations as well, using my injured ankle against me as well as a truth drug of some sort. The pain was unbearable, some of the worst I can remember. Fortunately they had stopped asking my name by the time the drug and pain really set in, and by that time they accepted the screams and sobbs with some old information. Found yet another reason I’m glad I never actually joined the rebels. I did give them some information, but none of it should affect anyone of importance.

And to top it all off, they kept my schoolgirl outfit and my newly upgraded holdout that I never even got to try out. Plus I had just gotten issued my really cool porn ID with tons of background support, and they kept the ID and put out a couple of bounties for that person!

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