Entry 3

Big mission, although it did not seem so at first. No one told us there was a massive action going on, but I guess that I should have guessed at the number of teams being called to separate conference rooms at almost the same time. Another mission where getting things through security was not worth the effort. Didnt worry me, I have defended myself in nothing but what I was born in before, and I probably will have to do so again sometime. Only the sullustan thought he needed to smuggle something through, and that was definately fun to watch. We had plenty of time to find our objective and get them out, and even if we got them early, we could not leave early anyways. My friend from above was with us, and there were a couple of other humans as well that seemed to be willing to take some time to relax. So while the sullustan started stressing all about finding the objective, we decided to take a little time in a very very high quality hotel. We even had a swimming pool and a massage droid in our suite! 5 of us and only 2 beds, but the sullustan didnt seem to want to socialize with us much, and his reputation seemed to be at odds with his dedication to working. We had entered the hotel as 2 couples with the sullustan as a assistant, and by chance I was coupled with the guy I had not really relaxed with before. Once in the room everyone was checking out the room, I made sure it wasn't bugged, and then decided to get things rolling with a mini-vacation. I knew both the men with us were interested from the cab ride out, and sure enough, once I jumped into the pool, both of them were also nude and jumped in. All we did is swim and flirt some, but it boded well for the next couple of days before whatever trap was waiting sprung. The other girl seemed comfortable with what was going on, but would not go near the water. She did match our attire though. Then we decided to go to a high class techno dance club. We walked up a hot girl on each nicely dressed guy's arm and went straight to the head of the line, one handshake and we were lead to our own VIP room. I couldnt have done that in full armor, and people wonder why I dont mind being seen as a sexy thing sometimes, it all depends on the nut as to how to bust it! Officially we were looking for any high society contacts and people of note in the club, but really we were just having a good time. Good music, good company, and lots of liquor. The dancing was good and dirty too! Eventually we made our way back to the hotel and our suite. Things are slightly fuzzy, but I know that the sullustan was alseep in one bed and we for some reason the other bed was wet and dirty, so we had to have the sheets replaced. While we waited the guy that had been my date passed out on the couch. While some of the details may be fuzzy, I know the other two and I had a great time before finally falling asleep. Unfortunately the next morning (ok, maybe it was afternoon, but it was when we woke up), we had another member join our team, and we had to actually get back to work. Discovered that opera is extremely boring. Eventually got our target, blew up the opera house (might have preferred that happen prior to the 1st half of the opera), attempted to rescue another team only to discover they didnt need rescueing, and THEN the trap sprung. Only was stunned once, and woke up with a pleasant taste in my mouth, and not captured, and we managed to get out on time. Turned out that it all worked out to some degree, made at least one new girl friend.

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