Entry 30

Was sent on a vacation on a luxury liner. Guess what happened? Yep, pirates. This pirate had some definite style though. He crashed his ship into the liner and boarded from there. When he made his entrance into the casino where everyone happened to be at the time, he entered with a woman on each arm. Of course, his plan would have gone better if half the dealers had not pulled out blasters and started shooting back and that delayed things long enough for ship security to get there. I happened to be in my blaster proof outfit (ok so it was a replacement one since the original was lost in that prison a few months before, but still). I even had my yo-yo with me. So I skipped innocently up to him in the midst of the starting gunfight and asked him if he had any bubblegum. He actually ignored me. However, he paid a bit more attention when I tried to give him a boot to the nuts. Surprisingly both he and his girls were fairly good in hand to hand. But they either realized I would eventually win if they stayed close up, or they saw the robbery was not working, and they decided to flee. Unfortunately the downed pirates around didn’t have any grenades on them for me to toss them as a going away present.

Of course, then we discovered that the luxury liner was no longer the place to be as the alarms and abandon ship notifications started going off. We had to go to the escape pods and take our chances on the nearest planet. Where we had some more fun, most of which I was dreadfully out of place running around in my blaster proof outfit (which by the way lived up to its name, though I did get shot at, it protected me from any effect).

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