Date on Delta

A really big op going on this month. Multiple teams getting ready to go on a variety of missions, mostly related to the local big-wig in the ISB who is really trying to be a major pain in our collective asses all over the sector. I had seen MC around and knew he was going to be going out too, and it had been a while since I had gotten any good time with him (since the last mission together we spent mostly unconscious). Looking at the teams being formed, I saw a listing for an investigation at a Pazaak Tournament on the luxury resort on planet Delta. It looked like exactly the type of mission MC would choose, and it would be a great date at the same time.

Mission was fairly simple. Identify the undercover ISB agent and who or what group the agent is trying to make contact with. No need to actually do anything to the agent or blow their cover. No expected fleets to sneak past, and no garrisons of imperial troops. Sounds simple enough that it is almost certainly a trap. But then aren’t all the missions we tend to go on? And besides, its on a luxury planet with MC, whatever else it might be, boring is not the word for it.

Team formed up with MC as expected as well as HA, ADR, and JH, plus some new girl who seemed to know how the underside of most ports work. We took MC’s new ship since it was a luxury yatch like mine, but all nice and new and shiny. Perfect for MC’s “cover” as a high roller with his entourage.

The team was actually very well formed for the actual mission at hand. G (the new girl) had a little trouble with the traffic into the system and we actually got a scratch on MC’s ship, but it was actually due to traffic control giving us the wrong vector, we were actually lucky we didn’t smash completely into the freighter.

On arrival at the hotel, MC promptly got our individual suites upgraded to the penthouse floor of one of the towers with 6 wings and a quite nice and plush central lounge. We then got about the business of having fun with our mission. HA, ADR, and JH stayed in the penthouse doing some research through the computer systems and networks on the players in the tournament to see who’s ID’s were real and what they could find on them in their background. G went to explore what all was in the blackmarket that we might need for completion of our mission and/or any possible complications (or just for enjoyment). MC and I went to the areas where there was gambling on the tournament. MC playing some of the games of chance and making bets here and there on the tournament, me playing at arm candy and both of us asking questions here and there as to what all was going on with the tournament and the various players in it. We do work so well together.

Anyways, altogether we were able to narrow it down to a few choices of people that were most likely the ISB agent, but no one really jumped out as being worth the ISB making contact with. In order to get closer to the players (since none of us wanted to actually play in the tournament), and also just because parties of this sort are always fun, we decided to host a big party the night before the finals. We invited the 10 finalists and 6 high society ladies that HA, ADR, and JH found lonely in the resort. Then we had our research team looked into the preferences of the finalists and had G make arrangements for 9 escorts matching the preferred types to be at the party and paid in full. Of course we spared NO expense in supplies for the party either. And all supplies and the escorts were charged to the room.

The party was a blast, and we got everything we needed. Not only did we positively ID the ISB agent, but we also were able to get exactly how he was cheating in the Tournament and enough for a very solid guess as to who he was looking to contact. Of course, it was a trap with him trying to contact and capture rebels. Knowing the tournament was rigged, some analysis was done on the other finalists and we opted to place a rather large bet on who would be the other final player. Then that person somehow managed to be slipped a drug to let him get enough sleep and not have a hangover the next day while we ensured all the other finalists would be short on sleep and have hangovers.

Following day we had our stuff discretely taken to our ship while the R2 unit made sure it was prepped to go at a moments notice (since we had confirmed this was a trap). Our tech team also made some preparations for our departure. The tournament finals went on and yep, we won our bet. As soon as we collected our winnings, while the final round was going on still, we started casually heading for our ship.

The tournament of course was on the Holovids in the street, and we saw the ISB dude actually standup in the middle of the last hand and announce that the other player had been cheating and was being helped cheat by the Rebels. He then said he had proof and signaled for a vid to be played as proof. After the first 5 sec of vid (which didn’t really show much definite other than a couple of our faces) the vid switched to a collage showing all of HIS cheating and then showing him enjoying himself with 9 escorts alone in a suite all night long.

About that time was when we noticed that a squad of planetary security was following us and we stopped to inquire as to if there was a problem. They explained they had orders to arrest us and the orders had proof that we were rebels. We asked to see the orders and pointed out that the orders did not really name us, had no proof attached, and was from someone who had no authority on the planet. They seemed confused, then apologized for any inconvenience and let us go.

Shortly after that the records in the hotel then showed that the nice ISB agent was actually the one staying in the penhouse suite and paying for all the charges to the room, and the receipt was even countersigned by his boss. 

I love it when a trap turns out to actually be a very nice and fun date.

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