Entry 33

Went to Soccorro with Sis and saw some old friends while getting some work done on my ship, droids, and armor and getting some shopping done. Very productive trip, plus some good quality time alone with Sis on the way to and from. Now my home is much more secure when by itself and I got presents for Sis and for some others.

Then it was back to the fleet for a few days before some old friends got married and had a big reception. I gave them a matching set of chromed and engraved Callie-Merced IV pistols, they seemed to really like them and have an immediate need for some target practice. Oh, and a day or two before the reception Sis finally got the message through to FS that she was NOT going to be doing anything more than friends with him anymore. He is so oblivious sometimes. I had to console him some (since he is my friend too) and helped him drown his sorrows in drink.

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