Entry 34

Got trapped in a lost system for a while. Someone said something about it being some sort of old homeworld of some very bad people from thousands of years ago, but all I saw was a large junkyard of trapped spacers with some very interesting equipment around and lot of people who were very much the scum of the galaxy who had been trapped there way too long for their own good. However, it’s probably better for the galaxy that most of them are trapped there.

A kid was leading a gang and tried to strip our ship of anything of value and make it part of the landscape even. If we had given him much more time it might have been a bit longer before leaving. But we caught them in the act and tracked down where the rest of the stuff was and got it all back.

The people we were looking for had gotten trapped there too, and some of them were “changed” by something there. We had to count the one as a lost cause in order to save another of them. Then had to track down the other insane one. The creepy temple we had to explore to find the girl was built great for defense, just not great for finding anyone in it quickly. On the bright side, there were lockpicks all over the place. I even managed to pick up one, even if I can’t use it as well as the “feely” people, at least I will have something to parry lockpicks with that shouldn’t get cut up by them. Sis’s lab rat managed to save the insane girl by giving her a kiss, while one of those creepy ghosts watched. Too bad the ghosts are not affected by blasters, but firing full auto into it still made me feel better. Then it decided to raise the dead against us.

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