Entry 36

Got to help Sis visit her blood family. I didn’t actually get to meet them as I was part of the backup for if/when things went badly and didn’t make it inside. And of course, things DID go sideways and it WAS a trap. But we figured that would happen, and were mostly prepared for it.

TC, V, and me went ahead and kinda scouted out the area around the mansion. I took my pony out for a ride around the back forest to scout out around there and keep them surrounded, while TC and V found a vantage point across from the front to keep watch.

Sis and her hubby went directly to the mansion, landing their ship on the roof, and were escorted to see her parents. Not sure what all happened in there yet as Sis didn’t have a com on, and squibbums didn’t keep his com hot, but TC was able to keep in touch with Sis somehow. When it went bad, I was asked to give a distraction and sent my pony racing and running into the middle of the compound area, while I started to sneak in after. V went to help the distraction chasing after the pony while TC acquired a vehicle. I discovered an issue with the meeting being about 30 meters up in the mansion on the other side of the gate, and their ship being on the roof of that building. TC picked up V, but not me and then broke into the window of the room where it was all going down. There was blaster fire between guys in white and the local security of the mansion, and I managed to get into the guard house by the gate when I was told that everyone was vacating by the ship on the roof and that I should just get back out and off the planet as quickly as I could without drawing attention. Fortunately I was able to do so without a problem due to the mass confusion on the grounds and no one having seen me there.

Didn’t get to meet her parents, and lost my pony, but I was there for Sis and she got to see them and get back away. So in the end it was worth it.

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