Entry 38

Mission was to break through a blockade to bring aid to a cell. I think we should have tried going with a cover, but we were bringing more supplies than could be hidden on a ship, and we decided to just try to run it on C’s ship. Then they decided that I was going to be the pilot. We got hit a time or two, but it was not too bad. Then two, count them, two star destroyers decided to broadside us with a full volley of very large concussion missiles at the same time. I put everything I had into it and it looked like we were going to slip gracefully right between them all when suddenly the ship jerked and alarms were going off. Then the viewscreens were all filled with the sight of stars zipping by sideways.

Did you know a ship could go through hyperspace sideways? I didn’t. But apparently you can. And apparently while in hyperspace you cannot rotate the ship to correct for going sideways. My first thought was of beings with long floppy ears, but none were seen.

The ship had some damage, and we set about trying to figure out why we were in hyperspace going sideways. After some discussion with the more technical types, they tried to unplug the nav computer to find that that had no effect. Then they unplugged the hyperdrive and we dropped instantly into realspace.

The planet we found ourselves dropping towards had some planetary security people in old starfighters who told us to follow them. We were in no condition to argue, so we did. Unfortunately we discovered that our repulsor system was damaged at just the wrong moment, and landing at the starport became not an option. My options were a very hard landing with the dirt, or a slightly softer landing on the water of a lake. I chose to land us as softly as a speeding YT2400 can by skipping us across the lake to slow down. Unfortunately the lake was not quite wide enough to make it completely gentle, and we ended up parked in the dirt anyways.

The people of the planet were insane in my opinion, but they still had some sense to them. Unfortunately, my companions decided to help someone who was considered an outlaw by the populace, and in turn that made us outlaws by laws that we didn’t even know about let alone mean to break. Oh, and did I mention this outlaw was insane as well? He did show me the basics in using the lockpick I had picked up a few months ago, but that still doesn’t excuse him trying to leave us behind with OUR ship.

In the end we got things straightened out and left in the competent hands of the law enforcement of the planet. Then got ourselves off the planet and headed home. They didn’t really need to add that we were exiled and would not be allowed to leave if we ever returned. I have no intention of ever returning.

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