Entry 39

Went to Sullust and participated in the great race.

Prior to the race there was a big ball, and I made a friend of the local Moff and his friends. It’s always good to have friends in high places where you might get in trouble, and he really didn’t seem too bad as far as Moff’s go. Of course, C had to go and outshine everyone at the ball throwing down enough to buy a luxury ship just for a dress for the ball. I admit it was spectacular, but how is anyone suppose to compete with that? JH apparently made VERY good friends with an imp captain. Can’t blame him on his tastes there though, and he was still able to perform his duties in the race the next morning, even if he did show up just barely in time for the race.

Then there was the race itself. Very exciting, and we had a great crew for it. We actually had 1 more crew than we really needed for most of it, but that’s better than being short. The competition was fierce and most of those who did not win, did not survive… but Team Bantha managed to win, even if C managed to burn out the shields on our ship just trying to turn them on.

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