Entry 4

I managed to call in a favor from an infomerchant and got a great lead on an imperial bounty that has a luxury yatch. Even got a copy of his flight plan and an agreement for something to happen to take it out of hyperspace at a predetermined location. Several people have volunteered to assist including some friends new and old. All told a team of 6 including myself. A capable ship to assist as well, although we could not find a boarding collar in time, so we had to just go EVA to get from ship to ship. Managed to capture most of the crew and the bounty without too much problems. Only killed one crewman, one lost a foot, and another my female friend from the mission and I probably did some severe damage to his ego with our syncronized kick (but that was definately fun, we will have to practice that manuver). Got the ship out and turned in the people for their bounties without a problem. This guy was one weird guy though. His entire crew was male, yet it was quite apparent that he was very deeply sexual. He apparently liked whips and chains too. If that wasn't bad enough, he had the audacity to remove the swimming pool that is standard with the ship type and replace it with a stage! That will have to be restored back to normal. Of course the entire ship needs to be cleaned from top to bottom inside, on the way in I had my helmet on with wide spectrum and the UV showed bodily fluids all over, even some splashed on the ceiling! Once I get it cleaned up and the pool back in, I will definately have to have a party here.

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