A Vacation with Family?

I revieved an invitation from squibby to go on a luxury cruise with him and Sis and the rest of what he considers his family. He said it was a mission, but the invitation was not by way of HQ, and there was no briefing from HQ either. But if it was an all expense paid luxury cruise and Sis was going too, how could I say no? I inquired if I could invite my other close special friend, MC along and squibby made some comment about "Are you two married?" but then said sure. That should have been my first clue there may have been a trap here not of outside intent.

MC agreed to come along, like I knew he would, but he was going to have to join the cruiseship enroute due to finishing up some other business.

The cruiseline had us board at some little planet I had never heard of before. We were shuttled up to the cruiseliner, and the shuttle pilot tried to psych us out into thinking we were passing by the huge and glorious former herdship that we saw and going to get on a dilapidated old bulk freighter, but at the last minute he turned us and took us to the converted herd ship that looked very much more what we were expecting. The rooms were more luxurious than anything outside of a Galaxy Class hotel or a palace. They were even more spectacular that some of the mansions I had been in.

Squibby made very specific arrangements for everyone's rooms. He and Sis got the Emperor's room with TC and HA getting one of the Prince's rooms and MC and I getting the other Prince's room (all part of the same massive suite with its own pool and hot tub - this was better than even the Galaxy Class suite I stayed in once with MC and Sis on Navhiba when I met Sis). KT got a honeymoon suite and Blue got a standard room (I think Squibby may have sent him to the bilge deck if he could for some reason).

There were no signs of Imperial or Underworld involvement in the cruise that I could see.

We went to a tropical world and had some fun there, including a grand cookout. Then to the upper edge of the galaxy to see empty space and other galaxies without any of our own galaxy in the way. Then to a frozen world for skiing and other related fun, including a dinner in an Ice Castle. Combined with most of the company and ship board activities, it was a ton of fun. If only there were not the complications…

Of course, I didn't get much time with Sis alone since Squibby was there, but we still managed to relax some and catch up on what has been going on to some degree.

However, the biggest complication came in when KT apparently thought it would be good fun to drug us all with some aphrodisiac concoction. I'm good with alcohol, and have quite a resistance to it, but as a general rule, I do not partake of any other drugs than for medicinal purposes. The concoction was apparently a mixure of a high grade sexual dysfunction correction medication with bliss added in, and served mixed into strong alcoholic drinks. The overall effects took several of us off guard. Most notably myself and TC lost our restraint, though I think Sis and Squibby gave in to the urges and dissapeared to their room before loseing themselves completely. From what I heard, TC actually used TK to rip Blue's clothes off of him as she charged him, but he was able to resist her further advances and got things down to a more publicly acceptable level. I, however, was fighting to resist the effects till MC moved against me and I just lost control and took him right there in front of everyone. Everyone seeing me naked, or even them seeing me and him together doing what we did doesn't really bother me so much as them all seeing me loose control.

And that was not the worst of it. KT then took it upon himself to call the ship's captain over and have him perform a marriage ceremony on MC and myself while we were in the middle of our drug induced passion! The NERVE of him! First he drugs us, then he thinks that he needs to impose marriage on us?!?!? If we had wanted to get married, IF we even thought it was something important, we could have it done at any time of our own volition. We did not even find out about it till the next day!!!

MC and I talked for a bit about it after we found out. We confirmed how we feel about each other and our relationship, and that the annullment or not of the illegal marriage is something we will not be making public as it is no one's business but to those we decide it is their business. We also confirmed that KT and whoever put the idea into his head will be paid back for this in kind. I know just the place that some good bargaining on behalf of Master Trader KT by someone good at bargain and fluent in Squib can get everything all nice and even. Unfortunately I can't go to set that up myself. I'm not good enough at bargaining, plus I have to get back to the fleet and duty since I signed up as a full member of the rebellion.

Anyways, enough for now. I have to get back to work. At least I got to enjoy some good quality time, even if it was marred by a thoughtless buffoon's practical joke…

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