Entry 9

This mission, like so many others, should have been easy.

It started with an honestly amusing situation as we met what I believe to be some of the stupidest pirates ever. They actually burst into a cantina in Mos Eisley on Tattooine and said "This is a hold up!". They seemed like they were not very experienced, and while trying to hold up a hive of scum and villany, let people talk to them and try to talk them out of being violent. Only 1 of them noticed the two grenades roll from my hands across the floor to the middle of their group by the door. That one managed to dive out of the door of the cantina while his comrades all fell unconcious. Of course, being the bar was small, I also knocked out a couple of our team members, but that was why I used stun grenades. The one that dived out of the bar must have been one of the stupider ones, he came back in and continued to try to fight, very very briefly to say the least. Hopefully they learned something from their experience as we left them in their underware tied to chairs in the middle of the cantina.

After that, we left Tattooine, but in orbit everything went odd. Suddenly we were supposedly elsewhere and when. I think someone slipped us something. Nothing made much sense, and it all just gave me a headache. It all seemed like a nightmare.

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