Ex Cultist

Dex: 3D; blaster, brawling parry, dodge, melee combat, melee parry, running
Kno: 2D+2; alien species, intimidation, languages, planetary systems, scholar, willpower
Mec: 2D+2; astrogation, beast riding, repulsorlift operation, space transports, starship gunnery
Per: 3D; bargain, command, con, investigation, search, sneak
Str: 3D; brawling, climbing/jumping, stamina, swimming
Tec: 2D+2; computer prog/rep, droid programming, droid repair, first aid, security
Force Skills: choose 1 of the Force Skills (CON, SEN, and ALT) to start at 1D.
Species: Human
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Pts: 2
Dark Side Pts: 1
Character Pts: 5
Credits: 500
Equipment: comlink, blaster pistol (4D), faded and worn robes (appropriate to cult choice), knife (Str+2; max 5D), and choice of whip variation based on cult choice.
Special Notes: Choose from one of the listed cults – sets whip equipment variant and 5,000 credit associated bounty from the chosen cult (unless choosing a player created cult). If the whip has charges, you start with 10 of the appropriate type.
(a) Expurgium – Neuronic Whip: Availability: 4, X. Range: 6m. If used un-powered – Difficulty: Moderate (15); Damage: Str+1D (max 6D). If powered – Difficulty: Difficult (20); Damage:6D stun.
(b) Bando Gora – Poison Whip: Availability: 4, X. Range: 6m. If used un-powered – Difficulty: Moderate (15); Damage: Str+1D (max 6D). If powered – Difficulty: Difficult (20); Damage: Str+1D (max 6D) and by poison effects. Poison effects – if the target takes damage (wound or greater), the target must make a Difficult (20) Stamina roll or suffer a -1D to Strength and related skills until healed (this effect is cumulative with multiple strikes). Ammo: 10 charges of poison. This variation of poison costs 500 credits per 5 charges.
(c) M’dweshuu (Nikto Blood Cult) – Blood Whip: Availability: 4, X. Range: 6m. If used un-powered – Difficulty: Moderate (15); Damage: Str+1D (max 6D). If powered – Difficulty: Difficult (20); Damage: Str+1D (max 6D) and by blood effects. Blood effects – if the target takes damage (wound or greater), then on the next round the target must make a Moderate (20) Stamina roll or suffer an additional wound effect. Ammo: 10 charges of blood. Blood Ritual: the player can perform this ritual with 500 credits spent on easily obtainable supplies and 2 hours of work to make 5 charges of blood.
(d) The Cult of Those Who Redeem – Cryonic Whip: Availability: 4, X. Range: 6m. If used un-powered – Difficulty: Moderate; Damage: Str+1D (max 6D). If powered – Difficulty: Difficult; Damage: Str+1D (max 6D) and 4D stun.
(e) Cult of Exar Kun – Monomolecular Tip Whip: Availability: 3, X. Range: 6m. Difficulty: Difficult; Damage: Str+2D (max 7D).
(f) Player’s Creation – Bantha Whip: Availability: 2, F. Range: 6m. Difficulty: Moderate; Damage: Str+1D (max 6D).

Cult Descriptions:
The Cult of Expurgium rose up in the Crucible Sector approximately 7 years before the battle of Yavin. Their leader, the Senior Speaker, and his chief operatives, the Junior Speakers, were all powerful Force Users. They started small by recruiting members from poor battle worn planets. They secretly worked at hunting down other Force Users, especially Jedi of any make, to convert them into cult members. Those that could not be converted were killed. After the Crucible Sector rebellion uncovered a secret connection and backing from the Empire the cult went into hiding. It is rumored that the Senior Speaker was killed, possibly by Rebels or the Empire. Current word throughout the Sector is that they are reforming their leadership and powerbase to return strong in the Crucible Sector.

The Bando Gora Cult was a deadly Force-worshipping criminal organization that operated around the time of the Invasion of Naboo. The cult ruled through fear on Outer Rim Territories and uncivilized worlds in the galaxy, often killing those who stood in their way or refused to convert. Their ruthless assassination attacks began crippling the galaxy's most powerful industries. Shortly after the Battle of Galidraan, the cult attacked the planet Baltizaar. The Galactic Republic requested Jedi intervention, but the Jedi were under-prepared to face the power of the Bando Gora. The Jedi were almost overwhelmed and many died, but the cult was eventually driven off, but some say they were just in hiding until now.

The Cult of M'dweshuu was a brutal religious sect originating on the Nikto homeworld of Kintan. This Cult, which predated the Republic, worshiped the nearby star M'dweshuu, whose radiation caused a high Nikto mutation rate. Followers of the Cult sought to appease the star through blood sacrifices. As such, its followers were common among violent or dangerous professions. The Hutts put down the M'dweshuu Cult "on numerous occasions", but never quite succeeded in eradicating it. The Cult once ruled Kintan, which necessitated the planet's brutal annexation by the Hutts centuries before the Clone Wars. During the Great Sith War, the Cult briefly gained a resurgence as they attempted to kill Churabba the Hutt. Shortly before the Clone Wars commenced there was an outbreak of increased M'dweshuu Cult violence when adherents found their way off Kintan and plagued the Sisar Run area of the Periphery. As of 13:2:28, they had killed and ritually mutilated 27 travelers. At this point in time, the Cult was estimated to number less than 100 individuals. Dorosii the Hutt, Appointed Intermediate to the Galactic Senate, assured Republic officials that the Hutts did not require their intervention to resolve the situation. However the Jedi Council was reportedly looking into the matter.

After the Jedi defeated the Loag, many Meris and Teltiors began worhipping them and their code. They formed the Cult of Those Who Redeem, and they are commonly called the Cult by Merisee residents. This organization took on quasi-mystic status on the planet. Prospective members had to go through an exhaustive schedule of tests to join, and those within the organization had to swear to keep their affiliation secret. Members of the Cult also swore to try to uphold the Jedi Code to the best of their ability. They also attempted to unlock the secrets of the Force, but this was less important than maintaining the purity of spirit and thought necessary to be a Jedi. Many of Merisee's most popular and influential personalities were members of the cult. They acted in a variety of ways to preserve peace, protect the weak and innocent, and improve the quality of life on their world. Some took direct action, acting as vigilantes, while others worked within their government or in the business community to support enlightened government policies or provide help and assistance to those who needed it. The Cult had to remain secret during the Imperial era so as not to trigger a "cleansing" by the Empire. Since Emperor Palpatine realized that the greatest threat to his rule was the Jedi Knights, he could not allow a cult worshipping their ideals and spreading their myths to exist. Any Jedi who visited Merisee would attract the attention of the Cult.

The Cult of Exar Kun was a Sith cult that was devoted to the worship of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Exar Kun. It was formed in 1 ABY, when a University of Corellia expedition carried out an archaeological expedition to the Temple of Exar Kun on Yavin 4. They accidentally uncovered the catacombs beneath the temple, which reawakened the spirit of Exar Kun. The spirit enslaved them to it, making them into fanatical cultists that were devoted to its worship. A number of the cultists traveled to a Corellia University research outpost on Talus and recruited some new members to their ranks from among the students and researchers there. One researcher resisted, because he claimed that people were being compelled by an unknown force to join the cult against their wills, so he was killed.

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