Fake Id's In Sparks

Questions Asked:

Ok, So I've been thinking about ways to make some extra $ and was curious
exactly how fake ID's and the likes work.

How much does it cost to generally make a Fake ID?

What tools are needed (have not seen a forgers kit etc) is it assumed that
common things are used in the process there for glossed over?

How Reliable are fake id's? (ignoring the forgery roll) IE: Are there things
that auto spot a fake id or is it always an opposed roll?

If one creates a bounty hunter ID are those more heavily scrutinized?

How Complex is it to make a heavily embedded "new id". Ie Assume a new identity

Answers Presented By Steve Tucker:

Some ID's Need added to to systems Or they will get stopped once compared to said
Database, but that is usually just BOSS for ship and pilot's licenses. Generally they scan
the ID that is present, and the information is compared to the database. If the information
is the same in the system, then you get a green light on the scanner, and you are
good to go.

Your questions are pointed more towards the observer/investigator looking at the
ID in their hand and noticing something is amiss. Here are my answers (opinions
based on making and judging others making forgeries quite extensively). First
off I would suggest reading p.56 in the Star Wars 2nd Edition Revised and
Expanded Rulebook for details on the Forgery skill. This includes bonuses and
penalties to apply to your roll or the Investigator's roll.

Cost: The base cost of the raw materials for a single basic ID with electronic
components is approximately 100 credits. This can be more or less based on the
type of ID. If you go to a less advanced culture without the electronic
components, it can be less. If you are forging some high end security
verification pass with all the bells and whistles it can be much, much more.
Again for a standard ID I usually use 100 credits. The GM would have to let you
know if the ID is more or less sophisticated and any reductions or additions to
the cost.

Tools: no special tools are required, but having the proper equipment and tools
can give you a bonus to your roll. If you make your ID Macgyver style with a
pocket knife and a stick of chewing gum, you could have a penalty to your
Forgery skill roll. But if you have the proper euipment you can get a bonus.
There are some ID kits (I would have to look through the books to find them). I
know the disguise kit does have IDs as one of the options for the system (along
with retinal contacts, fingerprints, Mission Impossible style faces, etc.). I
actually stole a spaceports security console system that was used to make the
legitimate IDs for pilot's and ship's IDs. I trimmed it down to make the system

Reliability: Totally based on your final Forgery result (with bonuses and
penalties) and opposed by the Investigator's Forgery, Search, or Perception as a
default roll (with their bonuses and penalties). If you are making an ID
without access to an original version, without ever seeing one, and without
proper equipment, you would suffer several penalties. Then conversely if you
hand it to an experienced spaceport controller that sees this type of ID all the
time, with proper electronic scanning equipment, etc., they would have bonuses.
Ideally you have all the necessary bonuses (usually good to acquire some of
these) and you can limit the Investigator's scrutiny (distraction, etc.). But
ultimately this is a straight opposed roll. If your Forgery roll is pitiful, it
would be practically an autofailure.

Bounty Hunter ID Scrutiny: Totally depends on who is looking. Some customs
official that hates Bounty Hunters may scrutinize more (bonuses). Some guy that
likes Bounty Hunters may not pay attention as much (penalties). So it depends
on the investigator. This is also affected by the planet and culture as well.
You show up on Gelgelar Freeport with Bounty Hunter ID, and they won't even look
at it until after you are dead. Consider this situationally objective to the
person, place, laws, and why they want to see the ID (do you have an ID for that
rocket laucher in this cantina).

Complexity of Embedded ID: As complex as you want to make it. Additional
context and support won't really help with just the ID, but would help with a
background check, and those can be as extensive as the investigator is
suspicious. A poor ID up front may prompt the investigator to check other
corresponding records with a deeper background check. A masterpiece ID may be
so perfect that it arouses no suspicion and would probably not prompt further
investigation. Again this is dependent on the situation at hand. One of the
things I have provided along with IDs is something I call a Persona Packet. I
usually make this extremely thorough with complete backstory and history. I
typically copy and alter some existing person's history and have been known to
payoff key people presented in the background that will verify the persona if
contacted as part of a background check. These personas can be extensive and
expensive depending on how thorough you want to be. I typically charge 5k to
10k for the ones I compose.

Back to things like BOSS verification. This requires that you forge the
document and then hack the BOSS system (I typically require a Comp Prog roll of
30, because it is a secure system, but has to be accessible from any starport).
This doesn't really cost anything if you do it yourself, but it can be any
amount depending on the person you hire (better skills for a higher price). It
typically can be 2k to 10k depending on any number of factors.

Hopefully this answers what you were looking for. If you need further
information, feel free to contact me.

Stephen Tucker

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