Family Matters

Sweet silence filled the room with a sense of peace that Jynx had been in desperate need of. The lights were off but for a light panel on the wall that acted as a false window to the outside. The image of the night sky graced with a swirl of stars that offered a dismal purple glow cast a light across a corner of the bed.

It smelled of lillies in her room, a small present that ChiChi had given to her. The smell reminded her of home.

She pulled him closer to her as he slept, her fingers curling through his fur, listening to the sounds of him breathing, enjoying his warmth and softness in her arms, the feel of silk sheets, the comfort of simple moments like these.

She was unable to sleep. Her mind kept drifing back to Kalandis. To her father, to what had happened. Would Xakon be able to help her keep track over that the way that he presided over this new family? She could ask ChiChi when he woke up later.

Jynx snuggled closer against him. If it was one thing she was greatful of over everything that happened on her old home it was to better appreciate this new one. The things her new family had done for her, that they could have come to harm for her to return home….walking willingly into a trap for once….that they might all be in trouble now over these events.

She sighed, closing her eyes. She breathed in ChiChi, fearful of what would happen if he were suddenly plucked away. She kissed his nose, and with her fingers still in his fur, she hummed herself to sleep.

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