Family Ties

Dear Diary,

It'll be almost a month before I am reassigned another mission, and I have been given medical leave after the surgery, but for now I am on base in the medical bay under observation. Dash is happy I am alllowed to visit him since I am not allowed to venture too far, but I miss Squibie and can't wait to be back home with him. He was asking again, what trouble I got into this time around….I can't tell him of course, but it is a mess of trouble. Command is not happy I am sure.

The Imperials got a hold of my dog tags and now have full information on me including my rank in the rebellion….and probably some idea about my involvement with squibie….but more concerning….that I am the daughter of a Moff and former senator.

I've mused with going home before but….I felt that my parents didn't want me…I have always been in the way, and now I tarnished their name. I have a new family, one I know really cares, even if it is dysfunctional. But at the same time….my parents don't deserve what might be comming thanks to me.

Daddy pulled some major strings to get me out of trouble after I blew the academy….and then I went running to the rebelion in so many words. I know that with this new Imperial Bounty for $30,000 as a known rebel major that it is going to be bad for my parents, since I disappeared after daddy bailed me out.

The things we do for family….

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