Family Time

It was nice to spend some time with Kas'tor and ChiChi…on a mission nonetheless! We had a great time between us even with Pistolwhip and Fred there….beer tour!

Some pirates were stealing lum (yep…lum) from offerings to The Graveyard. The alliance wanted us to check it out, and that meant investigating why the lum was so special. Had a great time, almost didn't feel like a mission at all. I even got a Shiller-Morestoff My Little Tuan Taun! (and one for Sis) ChiChi got me a Shiller Girl outfit but it seemed a bit small. He seems to enjoy it a lot though.

I also took some time off to visit my 'uncle' Dr. Krong again. He seemed pleased when I commed him to let him know I was dropping by for a visit, since it's been a while since I've seen him last.

Getting there wasn't too bad and I'm glad for Dash's company when I'm out on my own. Been thinking for a while about this new surgery, but I finally decided to go ahead with it.
I knew it was gonna hurt a lot more this time around, but I took off plenty of time to make sure that things were done right and proper, and I'd have some recover time as well. Since I've been spending so much time in the lab with TikTik and Jord working on the R.A.G.E Syndrome that it was pretty easy to get the amount of time off I needed.

The operation was a success, though I can't get the smell of bacta off my skin. I think from the recent past mission's I've almost grown accustomed to the smell. Almost…
And now I can change my eye color to match my hair if I want. Dr. Krong even showed how I could change my irises to plaid but it's a bit much to look at when I do.

To make it better I came back to discover that the mission I was being sent on was really a ploy by my ingenious hubby for some time off with the family. Just what I needed. It was fun, though Vandin complained a lot about it being on a Herd Ship (I don't know why, I thought it seemed nice). ChiChi had it in his head to get Sara and Mathias married and Taylor and Vandin married to tie off all the loose ends in the family and extended family. Sometimes I get confused by his culture…it was cute he was concerned, but things need to happen in their own time. Anyways, I spent some time with Taylor while the boys spent some time on their own.

Now the vacation is over and it's back to real work again.

It's been a while since I worked with explosives in the field….I need to remedy this.

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